Christmas Gift #4 – A Complimentary Strategy Session

This offer ends at midnight… Saturday, December 31, 2016
My Passion is to help people restore their health so they can have energy and vision to accomplish their dreams and God’s plans and purposes.
To give above and beyond this holiday season I am giving away a Health Assessment and Strategy Session…a $200 value….to THREE people!
The Health Assessment and Strategy Session is a valuable life tool.
You learn: 
  • What your specific body type requires
  • What your specific blood type requires
  • What foods may be at the root of your physical complaints
  • How you can partner with God’s design of your body to have more energy and less pain
What You Get
  • A 1.5-2 hour session with Celeste at the Be Nourished office either by phone, computer or in person if you are local to Central Oregon
  • A written Step-by-Step Strategy and resources to meet your wellness goal.
  • A 30-minute follow-up session to answer questions.
What is Required to Receive this Gift?
  1. Make sure you really want to change and are ready for a plan…ready to do the work.
  2. You need to be able to complete your session before January 31, 2017
  3. If you are ready…reply to this email and answer this question:  If you could change ONE THING about your physical health and well-being this year…what would that be.
Send an email to  with “Free Session” in the subject line and answer this question:
If you could change ONE THING about your physical health and well-being this year…what would that be?
I will read your answer.  ON January 1 I will put all the names and email addresses in a hat and draw out three.
Winners will be notified by email.
**Any suggestions involving foods, supplements, etc. are completely based on your personal profile, totally at your discretion and the winner’s complete responsibility.
This offer ends Saturday, December 31, 2016 at midnight.  Replies after that date are ineligible.
The session is free of charge – a gift – to 3 (Three) randomly chosen winners.  Winners are chosen from those who answered the question in #3.  No strings!
Feel free to share this offer with a friend or family member!
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