Victory Over Cancer and Fear!

Stephanie Carmichael learned to walk by faith and not by sight after two battles with breast cancer.  She willing shares her struggles and how she found new faith for herself.  Rather than a "survivor" she sees herself as a "Victor" with God's healing power and strength.

Anyone struggling with fear in any form will benefit from this powerful testimony.  Listen to her visit with Phil and Celeste Davis on The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour at the end of this post.

Stephanie Carmichael is an inspirational speaker and author of the book Victory Over Cancer and Fear. She is a two-time breast cancer survivor and has learned how to have joy and peace in the midst of the storm of cancer. Stephanie currently serves in Stonecroft ministries, an evangelistic outreach speaking ministry. She has travelled across the Pacific Northwest as an inspirational speaker since 2010. Stephanie's heart is to reach out to people who are diagnosed with cancer to help them walk through the fear and gain a new peace and increased faith. There is joy to be found even in the battlefield of cancer - peace in the midst of the storm, and that is victory!

Stephanie and her husband Mark have also served as leaders and teachers in the Ministry Training Institute at their local church in Bend, Oregon since 2003.

Victory Over Cancer and Fear

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Stephanie is also available as a speaker for Christian women's events.

Live Interview by Phil & Celeste Davis on The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour

Stephanie Carmichael May 10, 2016

God’s Power Healed My Son

Tamara Finn (who I call the Erin Brockovich of Cancer) shared the true story of her son's amazing cancer recovery...using God's healing power and nutrient dense AIM juices.

Tamara is a fiesty lady with a lot of faith in God and nutrition.

Your child has cancer. A mother's worst nightmare. It can paralyze you with fear and cause you to lose hope. But not Tamara. Tamara had faith and prayed to God for answers. A fighter by nature, Tamara studied and prayed and found that whole God-Made, organic foods was what he needed most. A friend who had healed from cancer, Cindy Ponchot, introduced Tamara to the powerful nutrition products from the AIM companies and God's healing power went to work where man's treatments failed.  This family did not have a lot of extra money to spend but God provided and today her son is happy and healthy.

"The doctors treatments were killing my son. Finally I had enough.  I took him home, if he was going to die, he could die there, but I believed he would be healed.  His doctor told me I was murdering my son.  He was wrong."

Tamara's son was told he would never be able to produce sperm to have a child.  In the spring of 2017 his fiance told him he was going to be a father.  He wept at this news, God's healing is complete.  He and his fiance are filling their body with good nutrition and expect a healthy child later this year.

Here's a photo of her son in the heat of his cancer battle and her son 5 years later, strong, healthy and cancer free.

May 10, 2016

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I couldn’t have done this on my own!

Celeste is a great coach.  A couple of days before I started the detox she helped me plan meals.

The day before the detox she went grocery shopping with me and showed me how to shop for healthy food and save money too.  We had a lot of fun and even went out for lunch!

She has given me so much support and encouragement through the whole plan.  It's been a month now and I'm ready to get started reintroducing foods.

My blood pressure was high and my doctor said I needed to get it down.  Not only have I brought my blood pressure down to normal, I've also lost weight.

I couldn't have accomplished this on my own.  Overall this has been a very good learning experience and has me on the right track for eating healthy.  JC, 68 yrs old

JC April 25, 2016

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We received a call from our friend Doug in Oregon.  Doug attended our class in Oregon, dusted off his 20 year old Champion Juicer, remembered how great he felt years ago when he ate well and went to work.  His biggest changes were juicing and completely eliminating all dairy including the yogurt he had been eating daily “for health”.

Doug was so excited to report that in just a few weeks he no longer had any of the daily allergy symptoms which plagued him daily and even better he has completely stopped snoring!  He is so happy about that and so is his wife!

Doug says he will continue to juice daily, eliminate dairy products and eat his veggies every day!  Thank God for great food and great health.  God is Good and His Blessings do not add sorrow.

February 8, 2015

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Holly Heath

Class was AWESOME Celeste!!!  And wow, what a turnout!  You should be so very proud-so many people came to see the two of you talk about what you are most passionate about!  And most importantly, they trust you and the information you provide!  I love how you both were able to talk about health in general throughout the class, not just about the recipes at hand.
Holly Heath, At Your Table! Personal Chef Service

February 8, 2015

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