The Wellness Partnership, Giving and Receiving Forgiveness

What is the Wellness Partnership?

We have been brainwashed into believing a lie that the human body is flawed and must have drugs and medical interventions to work correctly.  The truth is our bodies are amazing creations, designed to heal and repair.

When we partner with God’s design in 4 ways, Faith, Faithfulness, Forgiveness and Time, we experience true health and vitality.

  1. Faith. Believe that God created your body to heal and that you can impact your health by partnering with God’s design.
  2. Faithful. You must be faithful to your healthy lifestyle practices 80% of the time…100% if you have life threatening disease. Meriam Webster Dictionary defines faithful as “unswerving adherence” to something you value. Faithfulness rewires your brain.
  3. Forgive. The Bible connects the health of your body to the health of your soul – your mind, will and emotions.  The connection of Body, Soul and Spirit has been the subject of many science and university studies.
  4. Time. Removing the hindrances of stress and negative thinking combined with the right nutrition may result in less pain and increased energy. However, TIME is a key factor in recovering good health. Your body will heal the most important things first…these may be things you don’t “feel or see”.  As your body repairs you will begin to feel more energy and less pain.

One of the most difficult and yet crucial parts of The Wellness Partnership is giving and receiving forgiveness.  My program, Dancing Through Life walks people through partnering with God in nourishing their bodies and experiencing freedom from emotional and spiritual pain.

This attachment, “Dancing Through Life, Be Free” is from that program. It includes my story of offering forgiveness for the wounds of my past plus an exercise you can do for yourself.

Please open it, read it and let me know your thoughts.  You can email your thoughts to “”.

Download: Dancing Through Life, Be Free!


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