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Cleansing a Toxic Heart

I first became aware of how many people were carrying a Toxic Heart at one of our Whole Foods cooking classes.  Phil shared for maybe 5 minutes on letting go of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness.

We had been teaching these bi-weekly classes for quite some time (several years) and had a good following; our venue was always packed with standing room only.  It was typical for a few people to linger and ask questions, however this night was different.

14-philpeaceThis night when Phil spoke very briefly on letting go of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness we both had people standing in line for over an hour, waiting for a turn to talk with one of us about how to let go of past hurts and cleanse their toxic hearts.   This was a big ah-ha moment; especially given the fact that most of the people attending our classes were followers of Jesus Christ.

The scripture makes several connections between envy, a form of bitterness, and health:

Proverbs 14:30 A heart at peace gives LIFE to the body, but Envy rots the bones. (KJV)

Do you need personal help with this important part of wellness?

In addition to our 4-Month Wellness program, My Busy Healthy Life , we also offer individual sessions to cleanse your toxic heart.

Send us an email or call for more information.

You may also be blessed by Missy Day's story of forgiveness From Abandoned to Redeemed, a segment from our weekly radio show.  Click Here to listen.

In a few days we will talk about Cleansing Toxic Relationships...until then, listen and follow the steps in this class, The Healing Session.

I invite you to listen to the recording, The Healing Session, recorded with our My Busy Healthy Life coaches for a powerful teaching on how to cleanse your heart.  Just hit the "play arrow" on the player below.

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Phil Davis April 17, 2015

The Miracle Economy

Meet Jay, The Faith Based Millionaire and Wall St. Renegade

We met Jay through, an entrepreneurs networking site a number of years ago.  The captivating title of his first book; The Faith Based Millionaire, caught our attention.

jay-peroni-lo-res-200x300-200x270Jay contributed to our second book, “My New Year’s Revolution, Transformation Stories to Revolutionize Your Life” in 2012.  You will love his story, pick up your free copy here: My New Year’s Revolution

Early in February Celeste was reading through Jeremiah.  Chapter 3 verse 14 captured her attention:

v14?I will choose one of you from every town and two from every clan and bring you to Zion.  Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.”

The passage goes on to describe the land of Israel and the Jewish nation leading up to when Christ returns.

v17?At that time they will call Jerusalem The Throne of The Lord and ALL nations will gather in Jerusalem to honor the Name of The Lord.”

This really caught my eye and my heart!  I thought…”wow, we need to pay attention to the people God is bringing into Israel and support ministries that help the immigrants.”
A “God Moment”

That same morning I received a newsletter from Jay Peroni titled “The Miracle Economy“, intrigued I read his post and what do you know but Israel is the Miracle Economy!  You will be fascinated, challenged and encouraged by this program.  Please share it with your friends as well!

Jay Peroni, CFP®, is a faith-based financial advisor and author of The Faith-Based Millionaire and The Faith-Based Investor, is an expert authority on the subject of “Faith-Based Investing.” As Founder of and, Jay is passionate about helping people incorporate their faith into their financial lives.  Read More About Jay.

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Jay Peroni CFP®, is a faith-based financial advisor and author of The Faith-Based Millionaire and The Faith-Based Investor February 10, 2015

Jill Woodruff, The Coaches Daughter

Our daughter Jesi is a stylist and we often pray God will place divine appointments in her chair.  One day I received a text from Jesi.  "you need to meet my client, she is a strong christian and has written a book", and thus we were introduced to Jill Woodruff and her testimony of faith in the midst of health challenges.

jillwoodruffYou may know Jill's dad, Don James, legendary coach of the University of Washington Huskies, who led the team to hold 153-57-2 overall record in 18 seasons.  But that's really not her story.  Join us as Jill shares her journey of healing from a debilitating disease and her lessons along the way.

  • Seek God
  • Submit to God
  • Trust God
  • Obey God


This is the message this coaches daughter brings to the game.

About the Book, The Coaches Daughter

coachsdaughterbookDo you ever wonder, "Does God really care about me? Does He want to be a part of my life?" The answer is YES. The daughter of legendary football coach Don James and wife of football coach Jeff Woodruff, Jill expected a life of fun, family...and lots of football. But things didn't turn out exactly as she had planned.

A tragic car accident. A medical condition that left doctors puzzled and Jill a prisoner in her own home. Depression with a strange supernatural dimension. A surprise announcement that threatens to end her marriage. Disappointments along with successes on the sports field.

Through it all, Jill learned to trust in the game plan of her true Head Coach. This is her legacy. In The Coach's Daughter, Jill offers a warm and authentic memoir with a testimony of faith that will inspire you to seek a closer relationship with the God who cares about you.

"Jill displays humility and resolve in crisis after crisis. You have to ask the question - did the coach ever have a football player with the character and fortitude of his own daughter?" - Bill McCartney, founder of Promise Keepers (from the foreword)

Buy the book on Amazon

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The replay will be available in Mid February 2015.  Please check back!

Jill Woodruff, The Coaches Daughter January 30, 2015

Jeff Kowalski, 3 Effective Ways to Cleanse Your Body

Jeff has been "around the block" in the natural health and wellness worlds for over 3 Decades. Tonight we will hear Jeff's personal story of turning his health around 33 years ago. We will also learn about 3 Effective Detoxification methods Jeff has used to help thousands of people restore their own vitality.

jeff-kowalski-2-250x270Jeff Kowalski started researching natural health and alternative therapies at age 22 due to his own poor health. He started off detoxifying his body with the VIT-RA-TOX seven day cleansing program and when he eliminated black, smelly tar-like substance, he became a believer. At age 24 he eliminated white flour and white sugar from his diet.

After reading a book titled "Water Can Undermine Your Health," by Dr. Walker, Jeff became interested and saw the value of drinking purified water. Dr. Walker stated the fluid part of your blood is 90% distilled water. Reports claim that Dr. Walker lived to be 119 years old. Jeff started using and promoting water purifiers in 1990. There’s over 2,000 contaminants, including pharmaceuticals that have been found in America’s drinking water. That’s why Jeff and his family only drink purified water.

Jeff was introduced to the Original Sun Ancon Chi machine in 1998. At first he had little interest in even trying the machine, since he already was detoxifying, drinking pure water, eating a clean diet and exercising. After one week of using the Chi Machine, he felt relief from tight muscles in his neck and back from two car accidents. He also noticed improvement from seasonal allergies. After getting such quick results himself, he started introducing other people to the Chi Machine. Hundreds of people also got quick results and started purchasing the Chi Machine through Jeff.

That was over 30 years ago and Jeff feels better today than he did at age 22. He continues to help peole with detoxification, diet change, pure water and with many different natural alternative machines. Jeff’s goal is to live to 120 plus years and to be as active as he is today.

Replay will be available at the end of February, please check back.

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Jeff Kowalski January 28, 2015

Have You Ever Felt Like You Are “Not Enough”?

360 Degree Women providing the tools needed to bring clarity, purpose, fulfillment, passion, and joy!

Meet The Team Here

I am so blessed to work with these gifted professionals.  For years one of our goals has been to partner with like minded people to bring a message of hope and practical help to our clients and partners.  This 360 Degree Women team is the answer to that prayer and desire.

Dollarphotoclub_66110345-710x270In keeping with our mission to provide a well-rounded perspective for our followers, our team consists of both men and women.  Learn More About The Team.

Our team of experts in business and life will answer this question from their own experience and education: Do you ever feel like your "Not Enough"?  More.

Our discussion tonight is sparked by this question: Have You Ever Felt Like You Are Not Enough?

Dear Phil & Celeste

I hope you can help.  I've been working on my goals for some time now.  I have success in many areas and I'm moving forward in others and I'm thankful. But there's one problem.  I continually feel like I'm not "Enough" for all the hats I wear.  It seems that one of them is always hitting the ground or ready to fall.  It's exhausting!

Further Discussions from the Team (Coming Soon)

Sign up for our webinar at the end of February on our website

About 360 Degree Women

Our mission is to provide professional women and female entrepreneurs hope, encouragement, and the means to become fully expressed in EVERY area of their lives, both personal and professional.

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360 Degree Women January 17, 2015