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Start the New Year Healthy!

Do you find yourself working on the same health and wellness goals every year?

  • Lose those 10 pounds...again
  • Get off the BP or cholesterol meds
  • Exercise Regularly....and the list goes on

AnnMusicoI know you want's time to make these "events" turning your goals into habits.

Ann Musico has been coaching men and women to optimal health for many years.  You will enjoy her practical and insightful 3 Basic Steps to turn your goals into habits!

Ann Musico has been our friend for years.  We have many things in common and being healthy body, mind and spirit from a Biblical view point is Number One.

Ann is also a contributing author in our e-book, My New Year' Revolution; Transformation Stories to Revolutionize Your Life!  Get your free copy here.

About Ann

Ann Musico is a holistic health coach, author and independent nutritionist who works with women of all ages to empower them to exemplify lives of vibrant health and wholeness – spirit, soul and body - in a way that is simple and effective, in order to be a positive influence in their world. Her focus is on nutrition, detox and healthy, long term weight loss because she believes those areas are most often the root cause of so many other problems. And she addresses them not only from the physical but also the spirit and soul as well, which are often overlooked. Learn more on her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Check out Ann's book, click on the title:  Today's The Day, Seven Week Fitness Plan

Ann's contact information:

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Ann Musico Holistic health coach, author and independent nutritionist January 14, 2015

Get In Touch With The Real You

With the Color CODE Assessment!

JohnJefferyJohn Jeffery Lundell, Career Strategist, Relationship Trainer, Speaker, Success Partners Global

Finding Your Motivational Color

This was a fun show as John analyzed  Phil & Celeste's color code tests to show us how to use our God-Given inner motivation to improve our success in many areas of life.  We are both Yellow and Blue!  Crazy!  What is your color?

The Color Code has been said to be the most accurate of all "personality" tests as it taps into your inner child to help you find your true motivation!

He will also share how the color code works and how you can find YOUR inner motivational color!
John's other passion is helping people overcome the challenges of their past and move forward in meaningful relationships and meaningful work.  His first book, Get Beyond Your Troubled Past, You're Not Looking For A Job, You're Looking For A Person, is available on Kindle.

John lives in Las Vegas, Nevada

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John Jeffery Lundell Career Strategist, Relationship Trainer, Speaker, Success Partners Global January 1, 2015

Barbara Bird how I gained energy, lost weight, pain and depression

Meet Our Friend and My Busy Healthy Life Mentor, Barbara Bird

We first met Barbara through one of our live webinars in December of 2013.  Barbara participated in our FIRST My Busy Healthy Life coaching program and is currently our top My Busy Healthy Life Mentor.

We instantly bonded as we share a passion for Christ, ministry to people and a desire to be as healthy as possible to Honor God.  When we first met Barbara felt no one was interested in her passion for good health but over the last year as she experienced personal transformation by applying the My Busy Healthy Life principles and personal self discipline Barbara has people asking her to help them!  She has coached a number of people through the My Busy Healthy Life program this year and enjoyed seeing the transformation in others.

You will be inspired and encouraged by Barbara's passion, wit, wisdom and South African accent!

Barbara is German in her blood, South African in her heart, where she was born and grew up, lived in Holland for 3 years and is now Canadian. But truly she is heavenese (on her way to heaven) as she is a follower of Jesus and is passionate about Him and wants all people to come to have a vibrant relationship with Jesus for He loves us deeply.

Barbara-After-Nov-14In the past 7 years she has gone from being hypoglycemic, having IBS, full of aches and pains and struggling with incredible tiredness and stubborn weight to being free from all, including being able to break a lifetime struggle with losing weight. The AIM products, especially BarleyLife, Herbal FiberBlend, AIMega, Propeas and Glucochrom have been part of the answer and the second part of the puzzle was the My Busy Healthy Life program by Celeste Davis.

Her 2 children, Caitlin and Steven, are both working successfully and both getting Married in May 2015, so that she will be mother of the bride and groom in one month. She is also happily married to Richard, husband of 30 years and madly in love with him.

Check out Barbara's Blog

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Barbara Bird My Busy Healthy Life Mentor December 29, 2014

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From Infertility to Birth a Message of Hope

Wendy Staas Natural Birth Evangelist November 2, 2014

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Skip Taylor, Turning My Health Around

After a life-limiting diagnosis Skip felt nothing would every improve his health...

Until he tried My Busy Healthy Life and was able to begin to drop weight and feel like a new man in a matter of weeks.  Listen to his story.

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October 28, 2014