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Lose the Hate, Lose the Weight!

Kingsley Grant, "The Re-storying Guy", Speaker, published author, licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.
Kingsley has personally experienced a deep betrayal of friendship and it's  emotional and spiritual impact.

Kingsley will share tips on how to forgive when your "head says yes but your heart says no" and also share how hatred correlates with weight gain and poor health.

kingsleygrantIf there is one thing that summarizes what our guest does is “Helping High Achieving Sales Professionals especially in the Real Estate & Automotive Industries, develop stronger interpersonal and communication skills so they can make more sales, have greater influence and better relationships.

He is passionate about this message because without these skills, life is filled with stress, conflict and dissatisfaction.

He is a Speaker, published author, licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

He is also a Transformational Speaker, Workshop Presenter and a certified Relationship Coach.

You can find out more of what he does by visiting his website: “kingsleygrant dot com” where you will find his articles and listen to his weekly podcast - A Happier Living.

He’s known as the Re-Storying Guy.

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Kingsley Grant "The Re-storying Guy", Speaker, published author, licensed Marriage & Family Therapist October 22, 2014

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

Greg Lengacher, Support After Divorce

HeadShot-SQUARE-400x270Greg "G.D." Lengacher is a divorce recovery coach, speaker, host of the Surviving Divorce Podcast, and author of Surviving Divorce: Your Guide To Finding Hope And Healing After An Unwanted Divorce.

Greg experienced the pain of an unwanted divorce first hand, but he was fortunate to be helped through the healing process by a DivoceCare group in his church. He now has a desire to help others find that same hope and healing.

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Greg Lengacher Divorce recovery coach, speaker, host of the Surviving Divorce Podcast, and author of Surviving Divorce: Your Guide To Finding Hope And Healing After An Unwanted Divorce October 20, 2014

My God-Given Miracle of Forgiveness

Kristianne Wargo, Founder and CEO of "Create Your Now"

Kristianne was "every woman" busy with family and activities "running through life" until her life came to a screeching halt and required change.

You will be inspired and challenged by her story of forgiveness and a new life.

More On Forgiveness

7 Steps to Love Your Reflection

kristiannewargoKristianne Wargo empowers and encourages women from all walks of  life to rediscover, rejuvenate and renew who they are in mind, body and spirit while reaching their health, fitness, life and business goals.

She is the CEO and Founder of Create Your Now.  Kristianne is a Certified Professional Christian Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutritionist specializing in weight loss, metabolic training, functional fitness, and lifestyle transformation. Her unique approach to lifestyle transformation combines LIFE COACHING with PERSONAL TRAINING and NUTRITIONAL CONSULTING.

As a wife (21 years) and mother of 5 children (ages 10-18), Kristianne totally understands how challenging it can be to juggle life’s responsibilities while keeping your life on purpose. She also serves as a speaker, mentor, musician, author, songwriter, educator and coach.

In 2010, she made a bold decision which changed her life. In just 2 1/2 months, she dropped over 75 pounds and got in the best shape of her life.

She’s applied her success in helping others love their reflection while becoming their best selfie.

It’s time to Create Your Now!!

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Kristianne Wargo Founder and CEO of "Create Your Now" October 20, 2014

3 Steps to Help You Forgive Anything

Justin Gentry, Youth Minister

You will be encouraged by Justin's story for yourself or an at-risk youth in your life and challenged to walk in the freedom of full forgiveness.

To learn more about Justin and receive a free e-book entitled Grow: A Practical Guide for New Christians, his website.

JustinGentryJustin was an at-risk kid from birth. His father abandoned him and his mother once he learned of her pregnancy.

Although he never verbalized resentment towards his father, it revealed itself in many ways. He was jealous towards those who had both a mom and a dad. He also wondered why his life had to be so difficult.

He often felt inferior and incomplete as he became a teenager. He sought fulfillment from drugs, alcohol, and friends who were just as empty. He rebelled against all forms of authority and the pursuit of pleasure was his highest aim.

Following the influence of a Christian employer, he trusted Jesus Christ as Savior in his mid-twenties. It was then that he began to understand the true meaning of forgiveness.

Today, Justin has an amazing wife and four wild and wonderful boys. As a youth speaker, he shares his story of transformation with churches, camps, and schools.

In this episode Justin will share how we can extend forgiveness to anyone providing we have three correct views:

  • A correct view of self
  • A correct view of scripture
  • A correct view of the Savior

These correct views make it possible to forgive anyone for anything. And forgiveness brings liberty, joy, and completeness to life.

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Justin Gentry Youth Minister October 20, 2014

Forgive & Live with James Divine

My heart broke as I read and then heard James' story of abandonment by his abusive father, a difficult life with a beloved single mother and horrible sexual abuse by a trusted family friend.

James' story should produce a life of crime and hatred, instead, because of his choice to Honor God by forgiving, his life now brings hope and comfort to those of us struggling to forgive our own losses, as paltry as they may be in comparison.  (Celeste Davis)

You will be encouraged by James' story and his insights into fully forgiving so you can live  You will be blessed with his music which we feature on this show as well.

Buy James Book, Forgive, one man's story of being molested and God's redemption

Click here for more info on James' fabulous solo sax albums.

JamesDivineThere once was a little boy whose mom told him he could be anything he wanted…a policeman, a doctor, a lawyer, even the President of the United States. He exceeded all her expectations and became a music teacher. He is now a grown man with four kids (he married his high school sweetheart) and two granddaughters, loves eating pizza, mountain biking and spending time with his family (not necessarily in that order). His shoe size is nine and a half (more on that in a moment).

This all grown up little boy currently teaches at Falcon HS, but still finds time to perform, record and do some public speaking 15-20 times a year. Do you get the feeling he loves music?

Now for the boring, adult stuff…

James earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Joseph’s College in Maine. He received his music education from the Army School of Music, graduating from the basic, intermediate, and advanced courses over a span of ten years and serving in Virginia, Japan and Colorado. He retired from the Colorado National Guard in 2006. He earned his teaching license from Western State College in Colorado and completed a master’s in music education at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. James believes in the value of life-long learning! He just doesn’t like standardized testing.

James is a member of the Colorado Music Educator’s Association, the Colorado Bandmaster’s Association, The Pikes Peak Jazz and Swing Society, the Colorado Association of String Teachers, the American School Band Directors Association and the Colorado Italian Musicmaster’s Association.

James’ life-long goal continues to be to act his shoe size, not his age. Find out more about James at website.

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Recording will posted in mid December.

James Divine Author, Forgive, one man's story of being molested and God's redemption October 19, 2014