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From Abandoned to Redeemed

Missy Day shares her personal story of being abandoned by her mother and redeemed by a loving God.

missydayMissy Day was born into a very dysfunctional family with many addictions. Given up at birth to her grandparents because her mother was too young and didn’t want the responsibility of a child. She was raised by a verbally abusive, alcoholic grandmother who tried to commit suicide 6 times and she was put on a diet at the age of 6.  Not because she was overweight but because her grandmother didn’t want a “fat” child. Missy will share the one positive influencer in her life and how she became a strong woman of God in spite of her childhood.

Missy, a certified John Maxwell Coach and corporate trainer, has personal experience on how  move forward in areas of your life that seem too big and too impossible.

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Missy Day Certified John Maxwell Coach August 26, 2014

Red Rush Health & Performance Benefits of Nitric Oxide

We had a blast in May at the Bend, Oregon Pole, Pedal, Paddle launching the new AIM performance product, Red Rush.

Red-Rush-250x270Martin Benning, AIM sponsored athlete did the entire race as a solo entry, the AIM Team; Keith Duff, Skip Taylor, Scott & Nick shot video of Martin's event and Phil and I ran the Red Rush tent.  It was fun to meet athletes of all ages, give them a nitric oxide test strip and their reaction after they tasted Red Rush and felt it's effects.

Reactions from people who have been using Red Rush:

  • Eliminated the jet lag we get when we return from China...usually takes 3 days to recovery!
  • Drastically improved my diabetic neuropathy.
  • Improved my race time by 2.5 minutes.
  • Made my workout feel effortless and gave me energy all day long.
  • Really improves my mental clarity throughout the memory is much better.
  • Red Rush, Peak Endurance and BarleyLife give me the boost I need during and after my!

We were privileged to have Ryan Davis, AIM microbiologist and developer of Red Rush on The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour at the end of June.

Learn more about Red Rush and try some today: Red Rush

Here's the How and Why behind the development and effectiveness of Red Rush and what sets it apart from competitors:

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Ryan Davis AIM microbiologist and developer of Red Rush August 25, 2014

Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, A Scientists View on Healing with Nutrition

The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour Presents Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, Nutritionist, microbiologist and former medical researcher with Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

The Science behind healing cancer and all disease with nutrition.

chenDr. Chen will answer these questions and more...You may be surprised by her answers!

  • What is the NUMBER ONE FOOD for cancer?
  • Why does nutrition heal the body?
  • What can you do to prevent o recover from cancer, from a science point of view?

Below is a confirmation I received recently about Dr. Chen's message. This comes from an email from Dr. Frank Schellenberger. He was not writing about Dr. Chen and I do not know if he even knows her, however, his email delivered the same message...sugar feeds cancer and your doctor knows this very well...

"Cancer cells are unique. Unlike healthy cells, they can only live off glucose. Other cells can live off fat, but cancer cells can't. They need glucose. So what the researchers do is feed a small amount of glucose to a patient and then see if there are any areas in the body that immediately consume it. When they find an area that consumes the glucose immediately, that area is cancerous. Now this new detection device is fantastic for several reasons.

One, it dramatically shows how important it is for patients with cancer to avoid eating the foods that feed the cancer — carbohydrates. According to Professor Mark Lythgoe, the senior author on the study, using this new technique, "We can detect cancer using the same sugar content found in half a standard-sized chocolate bar." Did you get that? He is saying that the amount of sugar that is found in only half of a candy bar is sufficient to be picked up by a cancer and light up a scanning device enough to show where the cancer is. The moral is simple. Do you want to feed your cancer and make it grow faster? Then start eating sugar, grains, and fruits." Dr. Frank Schellenberger.

Who is Dr. Chen?

Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D., CN – Biography


Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, has a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from Mount Sinai School of Medicine at New York City. For twenty years, she has worked as a research scientist at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Brookhaven National Laboratories, Stony Brook University and Biotechnology Companies. When she was working as pharmaceutical consultant, she realized the limits and side effects of drug medication. She also found the importance of nutrition and its impact on people’s health and healing. After her own research and study, she transformed herself as a Certified Nutritionist and began her career as nutrition counselor and educator.

In the past decade, Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen has been an adjunct faculty at Suffolk County Community College. Based upon her science background, she designed a 10-week course, “Healthy Weight for Life” program to help people lose weight, reduce aches, pains, disorders and regain health. Hundreds of people have benefited from taking her weekly course and enjoyed better health. Accordingly, she has accumulated countless remarkable healing experiences from participants taking her 10-week program or private counseling session. Combining her teaching, counseling and speaking experience, Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D. published her book “Healthy Eating Wholesome Living” in 2011 in both English and Chinese.

Dr. Chen has been a guest speaker at various organizations, including hospitals, schools and libraries. In June of 2013, she presented an informative and inspiring lecture entitled, “What Causes Cancer?” for Middle Country Library. She has educated many people to embrace a healthy lifestyle and improve their health. In October of 2013, she published a new DVD “Holistic Nutrition Seminar*”, which documented her own seminar, “Overcome Health Challenges”. Currently in addition to private nutritional counseling, Dr. Chen offers Healthy Weight for Life weekly nutrition program as live Webinar classes, which people can take from the comfort of their home and register from her website

*About “Holistic Nutrition Seminar” DVD

It includes over 2.5 hours of speeches and ten testimonials on holistic healing, including: Parkinson's disease, heart disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, aches and pains, and boosting the immune system. The two speeches, Dr. Chen spoke on “Overcome Health Challenges: Pain, Fatigue, Overweight, Chronic Diseases…” and AIM Regional Meeting Director, Mr. Keith Duff lectured on “Supplements…Natural or Synthetic?” It offers a golden opportunity to learn about holistic therapies. Available from

LISTEN TO DR. CHEN HERE....There will be a few seconds of music and station ID before the program begins.

Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen Nutritionist, microbiologist and former medical researcher with Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center August 19, 2014

Cindy Ponchont Cancer Free Since 2008 Using God’s Natural Healing Power

Personal Testimony by Cindy Ponchot

"My Help Cometh from The Lord, The MAKER of Heaven and Earth"

CindyPonchotCindy Ponchot is a mother to 4 children now grown, and she has 5 grandchildren she shares her life with. She has many interests including, horses, gardening, writing, bicycling , fishing, playing with her dogs, and so many other fun things.

In 2008, she thought she was healthy as a horse, but was to find out in the fall of that year that she had Primary Peritoneal cancer. After being told she would only live 6 months, she chose alternative treatment instead of traditional.

Her treatment included the AIM Juice powder and cleansing supplements, along with a mind, body and spirit approach to healing.

Cindy was miraculously cancer free in 3 months.  Her doctors were shocked to see her walk into their office without a cane and feeling wonderfully well.

After her amazing healing, she started helping others to overcome their diseases using her same method. Her favorite verse in regard to the reason why she chose alternatives was, "I look to the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 120:1-2.

7 years later Cindy continues to share the good don't have to be sick and help people with AIM juices and supplements and God's healing power.

Update:  In 2018 Cindy continues to be strong and health body, soul and spirit and regularly uses the AIM products and helps others along the way.

LISTEN TO CINDY'S TESTIMONY HERE...(there may be a few minutes of country music before the actual interview, you can fastforward through this if you don't like country music :0)


Cindy Ponchot August 11, 2014

Preventing and Reversing Cancer

Preventing or Reversing Cancer discussion with Dr. Rowen Pfeifer, DC

“When you go God’s way ALL things change…regardless of the circumstances.  Work with enhancing the God-made healing powers of the body”  Rowen Pfiefer, DC

rowen-photoWe always love talking with Dr. Rowen; he is passionate about the God-made body and it’s ability to heal and repair given the right fuel and the right environment.




In this show Dr. Rowen discusses:

  • The Cancer Production Diet
  • The Importance of the Immune System in preventing and reversing cancers of all types
  • The DISCIPLINES of Health…If you want to thrive, disciplined living needs to be embraced.
  • Tips on what to eat if you have cancer or want to prevent it
  • The importance of probiotics and a healthy immune system
  • Electromagnetic fields and your immune system
  • Grounding to improve your immune system
  • Tips for those fighting cancer with traditional methods
  • Tips for those just recently diagnosed
  • Tips for those wishing to avoid cancer

LISTEN TO DR. ROWEN HERE: There will be a few seconds of music and station ID before the program begins.


Dr. Rowen Pfeifer D.C., Health Coach, Nutritionist August 11, 2014