These are archived radio shows from The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour

hosted by Phil & Celeste Davis

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Diabetes, Ulcerative Colitis Gone with Real Food & Juices

My Busy Healthy Life, Men’s Edition

Phil Davis Interviews three men as they share their journey to physical and spiritual wellness.

Listen as these 3 men share their testimonies of physical and spiritual health and wellness. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, normalizing cholesterol and blood pressure, reversing and healing ulcerative colitis and more.

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Phil Davis My Busy Healthy Life, Men’s Edition March 2, 2014

Improve Your Sleep

Phil & Celeste Davis give tips on how to improve your sleep…and improve your life!



Phil & Celeste Davis Founders of The Wellness Workshop March 2, 2014

55 pounds gone, BP & Cholesterol Normal

Matt Burhart, husband, father and healthy active adventurer.

Matt found his Trump Card and created a new healthy life in a matter of months as he removed 55 pounds and normalized his blood pressure and cholesterol.

mattbeforeafterListen as Matt & Kim Burhart share their journey as a couple.

From Kim’s early adoption of an healthy lifestyle and Matt’s frustration and resistance to Matt’s transformation from Living to Eat to Eating to Live.

After nine years of doing it on her own Kim is happy her husband is taking care of himself and joining her in an active lifestyle.

The Burharts with their two sons. Active Family Fun

Now that Matt is serious about his healthy lifestyle his sons are adopting new healthy habits too.



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Matt Burhart Husband, Father and Healthy Active Adventurer March 2, 2014

20 years of disease reversed in 9 months

Chronic Sickness and Legally Blind for 20 years…Sight and Health Restored in 9 Months!
Cathlene Blanton, Aim Director and Health Advocate.

Blanton-1For 20 years Cathy’s life was robbed by blindness, chronic illness and morbid obesity. As she sought God for restored health He answered by leading her to get off all her medications and turn to food as her medicine. 9 months later her vision was restored, her health recovered and over the next two years Cathy removed 100 pounds of excess weight.

Finally her body is able to do what her heart and mind dreams...pursue her love of cooking and gardening and sharing her gift of health with the world.

You will be blessed by Cathy’s testimony of health recovered with real water, real food and AIM nutrient dense enzyme rich juices and whole food supplements.

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Cathlene Blanton Aim Director and Health Advocate March 2, 2014

Interview with Joel & Dr. Pei on “Raise Your Game Radio”

We Love Radio!!!  It feels like “this is what we were made for!” But maybe we just love an audience…lol…

Every time we finish a show we feel like we just won a gold medal at the Olympics!  We fully enjoyed joining Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei on their radio show, “Raise Your Game”.

Joel & Dr. Pei give helpful business coaching to authors, speakers and coaches.

In this interview we share our journey in starting and growing The Wellness Workshop as well as some “Do this…Not That” tips from our experience to help you as you start your own business…You may as well learn from other people’s success and mistakes rather than making your own…Right? Check it out.

You might be surprised at our number one tip!

We highly recommend Joel’s latest book – #1 Amazon best seller, “Finding Your Voice“, which has garnered top spots in success, self esteem, and happiness.

Our favorite quote from “Finding Your Voice, Sort through the clutter and discover Clarity, Confidence, Direction” by Joel Boggess

“I hit roadblock after roadblock as I sought significance through other’s approval.  Ultimately I discovered that until you know and embrace who you are, it’s impossible to be fully in harmony with yourself.”

You can connect with Joel and Dr. Pei on their website

Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei Kang Hosts of ReLaunch Show February 28, 2014