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Adrenal Stress Tests from Radio 2/21/14

More about Shannon Garrett, BS, RN, Autoimmune RN

Cortisol Saliva Test
Below is the link for ZRT Labs test kits to assess cortisol via saliva.

It is preferred that one do the Female/Male saliva Profile III ($260) which tests noon, evening, & night Cortisol in addition to hormones. The minimum for testing Cortisol is the Diurnal Cortisol ($135) test. The problem is if any one of these hormones is off, then they are all out of balance...that's just how the cascade functions.

Purchase ZRT Labs test kits to assess cortisol via saliva

Books Recommended by Shannon Garrett BS, RN, Autoimmune RN to understand and treat Adrenal fatigue


Shannon Garrett RN, Autoimmune & Thyroid Wellness Specialist, Certified Holistic Lifestyle and Health Consultant, Nurse-Nutritionist and Detox Specialist January 21, 2014

Why Your Body Creates Fat

Kathleen Inman, DC, East Nashville Chiropractic, Nashville, Tennessee

Wife, mother and chiropractor, Dr. Kathleen teaches and practices the importance of real, God-Made foods. Her knowledge of how your body works and what you can do about it will help you in your wellness journey.

Kathleen-detox-after-300x293Dr. Kathleen discusses your body’s fat production as an internal protection system.  She also shares how to get your body to release that stubborn fat.  In the second half of the hour a patient of Dr. Inman shares her recovery from over 30 years of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue in just 2 years using real God made foods, and detoxifying her body, mind and spirit.



Show Highlights

  • 1:25 Pick yourself up and start over
  • 2:47 The Olympic Difference – JR Celski’s performance & nutrition
  • 8:40 How to connect with Dr. Kathleen Inman, D.C.
  • 9:55 Why your body creates fat
  • 10:11 What is a toxin
  • 10:40 It’s shocking how many chemicals are in your food
  • 11:20 Thoughts are toxins as well
  • 11:48 Samples of human fat cells reveal toxins
  • 13:35 Why the body resists losing fat
  • 14:45 How to get your body to release fat
  • 15:53 Chronic Disease reveals you are getting more toxic
  • 17:12 Steps to get rid of the fat
  • 21:24 Melt fat through detoxification
  • 22:20 Inflammation causes a cascade of health problems
  • 24:20 Cleansing is do-able and overcoming food addictions
  • 32:00  Improvements from My Busy Healthy Life program
  • 34:33 Celtic Reverie, fingerstyle guitar by
  • 37:53  Paula’s Story, “Living was excruciatingly painful”
  • 39:07 Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia University Study participation
  • 40:17 I didn’t like not being a dependable person in my life
  • 41:17 My Body was not a safe place to live
  • 43:50 Praying for wellness…my prayers were answered!!
  • 46:54 My body started responding so well to real food
  • 47:50 Then I hit a brick wall
  • 48:18 A whole new level of healing, Dr. Inman connected the Mind, Body, Spirit connection
  • 49:14 My Busy Healthy Life broke the plateau for me…during the cleanse I lost 5 inches!
  • 50:37 Things that really helped me on the My Busy Healthy Life program
  • 52:40 What I healed from in just about 2 years of eating and living well…I feel like I am a completely different person
  • 54:50 Put efforts behind your desire

The Solution To Cleanse Your Body and Release Stubborn Fat.

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Kathleen Inman DC, East Nashville Chiropractic, Nashville, Tennessee January 7, 2014

Thyroid 101 with Shannon Garrett, AutoImmune RN

My Doctor says my thyroid and blood work are ok but I’m not…Help!

Shannon Garrett, BS, RN, Passionate Health Advocate, AutoImmune RN, Holistic RN

Having navigated the life-altering effects of multiple chronic illnesses for approximately 20 years, Shannon took new approaches to wellness and reliance on her faith to find the blessings in these new challenges.

shannon2Shannon has over 20,000 documented hours of journalistic research studying chronic health issues, preventive medicine, regenerative and anti-aging medicine, complementary alternative modalities; and proclaims to be a “perpetual student” to fulfill her passion of helping others who struggle with health or wellness issues by being abreast of cutting-edge and innovative wellness protocols to bring to her clients.

A personal message from Shannon….  Shannon Garrett is a RN not an MD. The information presented in this program is not intended to be taken as medical advice. All details shared by her are meant to be a source of information that will hopefully guide you to optimal health. Shannon Garrett hopes you find her tips helpful as a learning tool and asks that you consult your physician prior to starting any diet, exercise, or supplement regimen.

Feel free to share any information presented in The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour with anyone who might also find it useful. Thanks for listening!  Shannon Garrett RN

Thyroid 101 with Shannon Garrett, AutoImmune RN. Here’s the Show Contents:

  • Show Beginning:  Why should I drink water?
  • 14:32 Shannon Garrett
  • 16:51 What is the thyroid?
  • 17:51 Thyroid dysfunction should be considered a national emergency
  • 20:00 Conditions related to the thyroid
  • 21:00 Why it is difficult to diagnose thyroid problems
  • 22:56 TSH tests used alone may be inaccurate
  • 26:30 Why “normal” lab values may not be accurate
  • 27:30 You may be producing but not using thyroid hormone
  • 31:07 What if your doctor doesn’t want to help you
  • 36:27 Nutrient deficiencies that cause thyroid dysfunction
  • 39:40 The adrenal glands and thyroid dysfunction
  • 43:27 Tests for adrenal glands BEFORE taking any thyroid medications or you could get worse
  • 45:00 Important tests
  • 50:00 Exercise and thyroid patients
  • 50:44 Gluten and harmful effects on the immune system that affect the thyroid
  • 52:53 Contact Shannon

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Shannon Garrett RN, Autoimmune & Thyroid Wellness Specialist, Certified Holistic Lifestyle and Health Consultant, Nurse-Nutritionist and Detox Specialist December 13, 2013

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