Annie’s Story Life Beyond Myself

Annie’s Story Life Beyond Myself
November 30, 2014

Have you ever gotten to the place of saying, “enough is enough”. You have gone down this path of an unhealthy lifestyle in eating and now you see that your health has gone down, overweight, and you look in the mirror and say, where did I go…who is this person? I know better. So you tell yourself, okay tomorrow I am going to exercise, and eat right.

No sooner than your feet hit the floor you are headed straight for the coffee pot, get busy doing other things and tell yourself I will do my walk in a little while. Well, that little while never comes.

I ran to God many times about this and he would tell me little by little what I needed to do. The enemy had me so blinded…but my heavenly Father never gave up on me.

The Answer Through A Facebook Post?

God led me to read a testimony off of facebook from a friend of mine, Barbara Bird in how she has lost 30lbs. by following a program called, “My Busy Healthy Life by Celeste Davis”. For the first time in a long time my spirit felt a peace come over me. I went into the next room and picked up one of AIM’s Health magazines, opened to a page that talked about Celeste Davis and her health program. Well, not only the peace that came over me but God’s truths started replacing the lies I was believing in living a life without having to give up unhealthy habits.

I’ve Lost 18 Pounds & 16 Inches!
annI began her program with God’s truth knowing I could not do this without him. It was hard at times but I would tell myself God knows better than I do so keep on Ann, don’t give up. I did not do it perfectly, but Celeste told us not to beat ourselves up. I have lost 18lbs and 16 inches over a period of 3 months. My cravings are so much better.

99% of My Symptoms Are Gone!

The group had to fill out a symptom tracker. Symptoms from the starting point where at 147 and now my symptoms are at 7…yes I said 7…that is over 140 points that I am symptom free. I had continual eye pain, rashes, excessive sweating and hot all the time, digestive problems, back pain and joint pain, no more restless leg syndrome, my mental clarity ihas gotten better and I have a lot more energy.

Annie’s Story My next step is to get my blood work done and prayerfully with my doctors assistance to get off my medications. I recommend this amazing lady to be your mentor to help you over come life struggles you may be going through not just in your eating habits but also Physical, Spiritual and Emotional healing through her program called My Busy Healthy Life. For updates on my amazing journey and how you can start Celeste Davis, My Busy Healthy Life Program, go to my home page of my web-site.

Ann Dillon

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