Barbara Bird how I gained energy, lost weight, pain and depression

Barbara Bird how I gained energy, lost weight, pain and depression
December 29, 2014

Meet Our Friend and My Busy Healthy Life Mentor, Barbara Bird

We first met Barbara through one of our live webinars in December of 2013.  Barbara participated in our FIRST My Busy Healthy Life coaching program and is currently our top My Busy Healthy Life Mentor.

We instantly bonded as we share a passion for Christ, ministry to people and a desire to be as healthy as possible to Honor God.  When we first met Barbara felt no one was interested in her passion for good health but over the last year as she experienced personal transformation by applying the My Busy Healthy Life principles and personal self discipline Barbara has people asking her to help them!  She has coached a number of people through the My Busy Healthy Life program this year and enjoyed seeing the transformation in others.

You will be inspired and encouraged by Barbara’s passion, wit, wisdom and South African accent!

Barbara is German in her blood, South African in her heart, where she was born and grew up, lived in Holland for 3 years and is now Canadian. But truly she is heavenese (on her way to heaven) as she is a follower of Jesus and is passionate about Him and wants all people to come to have a vibrant relationship with Jesus for He loves us deeply.

Barbara-After-Nov-14In the past 7 years she has gone from being hypoglycemic, having IBS, full of aches and pains and struggling with incredible tiredness and stubborn weight to being free from all, including being able to break a lifetime struggle with losing weight. The AIM products, especially BarleyLife, Herbal FiberBlend, AIMega, Propeas and Glucochrom have been part of the answer and the second part of the puzzle was the My Busy Healthy Life program by Celeste Davis.

Her 2 children, Caitlin and Steven, are both working successfully and both getting Married in May 2015, so that she will be mother of the bride and groom in one month. She is also happily married to Richard, husband of 30 years and madly in love with him.

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