Cleansing a Toxic Heart

Cleansing a Toxic Heart
April 17, 2015

I first became aware of how many people were carrying a Toxic Heart at one of our Whole Foods cooking classes.  Phil shared for maybe 5 minutes on letting go of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness.

We had been teaching these bi-weekly classes for quite some time (several years) and had a good following; our venue was always packed with standing room only.  It was typical for a few people to linger and ask questions, however this night was different.

14-philpeaceThis night when Phil spoke very briefly on letting go of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness we both had people standing in line for over an hour, waiting for a turn to talk with one of us about how to let go of past hurts and cleanse their toxic hearts.   This was a big ah-ha moment; especially given the fact that most of the people attending our classes were followers of Jesus Christ.

The scripture makes several connections between envy, a form of bitterness, and health:

Proverbs 14:30 A heart at peace gives LIFE to the body, but Envy rots the bones. (KJV)

Do you need personal help with this important part of wellness?

In addition to our 4-Month Wellness program, My Busy Healthy Life , we also offer individual sessions to cleanse your toxic heart.

Send us an email or call for more information.

You may also be blessed by Missy Day’s story of forgiveness From Abandoned to Redeemed, a segment from our weekly radio show.  Click Here to listen.

In a few days we will talk about Cleansing Toxic Relationships…until then, listen and follow the steps in this class, The Healing Session.

I invite you to listen to the recording, The Healing Session, recorded with our My Busy Healthy Life coaches for a powerful teaching on how to cleanse your heart.  Just hit the “play arrow” on the player below.

There will be a few seconds of music and station ID before the program begins.


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