How the Intermittent Fast Boost Worked for Me

How the Intermittent Fast Boost Worked for Me
Intermittent Fast Boost
June 11, 2018

How the Intermittent Fast Boost Worked for Me

Kristi Morrill Juarez, May 2018


Before I started the IFB, I ate pretty much anything and everything I wanted, though I had begun to really be watchful of portion size. Even so, I noticed a definite decline in my physical health and was at my highest weight ever-both of which kept me from being active or being who I had always been.

Most days I felt tired and had little to no energy or drive to do more than I was absolutely required to for work and at home. Mentally and emotionally I was exhausted because I *knew* I wasn’t eating right and knowing that I wasn’t created a LOT of guilt.

But change seemed impossible. Just the thought of it overwhelmed me to tears. I felt a lot of shame because my parents and husband (who is older than I am) were all in better health and able to do more than I.

I began to lose interest in all things related to food prep and cooking. Food itself didn’t sound good. My husband and I would ask each other after work “what should we have for dinner?”, and we’d sit there staring at each other because nothing sounded good. The foods we were putting into our bodies were causing more harm than good and I believe my body was saying “ENOUGH!” All of this, coupled with an autoimmune disease diagnosis, pushed me to reach out to Celeste for help.



My Dr. had suggested I try IF as a way to begin healing my gut (and hopefully the autoimmune disease), so I signed up for the IFB with the hope that I could begin to alleviate the extreme inflammation in my body and start healing from the inside out. Additionally, I set a weight loss goal of 25lbs, though this wasn’t necessarily limited to the duration of the IFB class only. Just a place to start.



I’m thrilled to say that at the end of 6 weeks – 2 weeks eliminating offending foods and incorporating alkaline foods, 1 eating strictly alkaline, and the last 3 weeks of the Intermittent Fast Boost –

  • IBS symptoms are completely gone
  • Digestion is significantly improved
  • I don’t feel bloated all the time
  • My skin has cleared of almost all acne and the tone is much more even.
  • AND, as a bonus to better health, I’ve lost 20lbs (now 30 pounds) !
  • I don’t feel tired all the time, and in fact am sleeping much better (I had alot of insomnia before).
  • I have a new spring in my step, but also more energy.
  • I have a more positive outlook on life overall and have fewer mood swings.

Though my joint pain is still ongoing, we knew that this would be a longer-term goal, as healing the gut is a slower process. Joint pain or not, now, you’ll often find me zipping around the house getting things cleaned up or ready for the next day, doing food prep, etc. I am able to do more and work longer before the joint pain sends me to the recliner. And guess what else? I’m starting to really LOVE the foods I’m eating now, feeling creative about what I eat. The fresh fruits and vegies and the protein smoothies are what sound good to me. I had a cup of coffee this morning and couldn’t even finish it because it didn’t satisfy.



All of this to say: Are you feeling fat, sick and/or tired? Overwhelmed by emotions and the thought of all the changes you’d have to make to eat healthy? You don’t have to! Learning a new way to eat does take time and commitment, but like anything, once you learn it, it gets easier and you become more efficient at it with time. I love the structure that IFB gives you, and you have the group and mentor support every step of the way. It takes a lot of the guess work out of what to eat when, which were a large part of my food stress before starting.

Bottom line? YOU are worth the investment of time and money. Don’t settle for a life of unhappiness because you aren’t healthy. God made us for so much more, and he gave us the tools to do it. Celeste and Barbara can help you learn to use those tools and find your way to YOUR new life as I have. I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve had so far, and I look forward to continuing to learn as I implement this into my life long-term.

Thank you, Celeste and Barbara for being a part of this journey with me. You both are amazing mentors.

PLEASE feel free to ask me questions about my journey, about the IFB program… anything. I am happy to help, even just one person, change their life and feel at home in their own body again.

UPDATE: I scheduled a follow up Dr. Visit to coincide with my 6-week IFB program.  To date I have lost almost 3 points in my BMI and I am 2 pounds away from my first weight loss goal.  My personal symptoms score (a tracking tool in the IFB program) went from 79 to 28 in just 6 weeks!


UPDATE #2: June 11, 2018 – Now I’m down 27 pounds…exceeding my first weight loss goal of 25 pounds!  End of June 30 pounds!



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