Normal Blood Pressure in 10 Days

Normal Blood Pressure in 10 Days
RediBeet, My Busy Healthy Life
February 11, 2016

Normal blood pressure in 10 daysNormal Blood Pressure in 10 Days!

Here’s How She Did It!

Jeannine lowered her blood pressure

Meet Jeannine.  The photo on the far left is Jeannine when I met her a year ago.  The photo on the right is just 3 months after completing her 28-day My Busy Healthy Life cleanse and normalizing her blood pressure.  I love these types of transformations, you can see the joy and confidence she now experiences.
She is a 68 year old, sweet caring woman, always taking care of others, a hard worker and follower of Jesus.  She was also significantly overweight, had low energy and was watching her blood pressure climb.
Jeannine attended one of my Living Well Parties, purchased our book and video and studied them.  Using the book Wonderfully Well and the ideas from the  video she worked on her own and lost 10 pounds over a few months.
This made her excited, however, she felt overwhelmed trying to make changes on her own and found planning new meals and knowing where to shop difficult. She contacted me about 6 months after that Living Well party and asked if I would teach her how to plan menus and shop for healthy foods (she was a “prepared foods” diva).
Together we worked out a menu that she could live with, following the Alkaline diet.  She didn’t think she could do a cleanse that just seemed too hard, but the Alkaline diet was not difficult and was simple to think about.
Her mindset changed from “working at it” to “going for it” after her doctor’s appointment in August when her blood pressure had climbed dangerously high, inspite of her good dietary changes.  Jeannine met Linda at a Kombucha class and heard Linda’s transformation story and decided “that’s it…I’m going to do the cleanse if it kills me!”

Jeannine joined our My Busy Healthy Life Fall Mastermind Group.  She did the 28-day cleanse and which included the AIM powdered BarleyLife and Redibeet juice 3 times a day. These two products are dehydrated vegetable juice concentrates that simplify the juicing process. Within 10 days Jeannine’s blood pressure was normal, she dropped more weight and felt fantastic. She is now in her 4th month of normal blood pressure readings and as you can see she has dropped a significant amount of weight; over 30 pounds in 4 months.  She was thrilled to lose, rather than gain weight over the holidays as well.

Her sister was excited to hear about Jeannine’s newfound wellness and weight loss and decided to follow Jeannine’s plan. In a matter of days her sister too had normalized her blood pressure and was off all her digestion and pain medications. She felt good and it showed to her family and friends. Her husband noticed, jumped on the bandwagon and lowered his blood pressure and improved his digestion among other things.

Today, as you can see, Jeannine has a new look…it’s a look of confidence and joy.    She’s taking care of herself and feeling good about it; even her outlook on life has changed and she is excited to share her good news with the many people who can’t help but notice this new woman.

“Complete strangers are coming up to me and telling me how great I look and asking how I did it”!

“I went to my husband’s doctor appointment with him.  My husband did not join me and really was not interested in making any personal changes, although he needed to.  His blood pressure was in the danger zone but he was stubborn.  When the doctor came in he was shocked to see my transformation.  He looked at my husband and said ‘you need to do whatever your wife is doing…because it obviously works!’  Now we are eating healthy together for the most part and his blood pressure has dropped to normal levels with the RediBeet and an alkaline diet.”

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