Lose the Hate, Lose the Weight!

Lose the Hate, Lose the Weight!
October 22, 2014

Kingsley Grant, “The Re-storying Guy”, Speaker, published author, licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.
Kingsley has personally experienced a deep betrayal of friendship and it’s  emotional and spiritual impact.

Kingsley will share tips on how to forgive when your “head says yes but your heart says no” and also share how hatred correlates with weight gain and poor health.

kingsleygrantIf there is one thing that summarizes what our guest does is “Helping High Achieving Sales Professionals especially in the Real Estate & Automotive Industries, develop stronger interpersonal and communication skills so they can make more sales, have greater influence and better relationships.

He is passionate about this message because without these skills, life is filled with stress, conflict and dissatisfaction.

He is a Speaker, published author, licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

He is also a Transformational Speaker, Workshop Presenter and a certified Relationship Coach.

You can find out more of what he does by visiting his website: “kingsleygrant dot com” where you will find his articles and listen to his weekly podcast – A Happier Living.

He’s known as the Re-Storying Guy.

Replay of this show will posted in mid December…please check back later or sign up for our RSS feed to be notified when recording is up.

There will be a few seconds of music and station ID before the program begins.

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