I couldn’t have done this on my own!

I couldn’t have done this on my own!
April 25, 2016

Celeste is a great coach.  A couple of days before I started the detox she helped me plan meals.

The day before the detox she went grocery shopping with me and showed me how to shop for healthy food and save money too.  We had a lot of fun and even went out for lunch!

She has given me so much support and encouragement through the whole plan.  It’s been a month now and I’m ready to get started reintroducing foods.

My blood pressure was high and my doctor said I needed to get it down.  Not only have I brought my blood pressure down to normal, I’ve also lost weight.

I couldn’t have accomplished this on my own.  Overall this has been a very good learning experience and has me on the right track for eating healthy.  JC, 68 yrs old

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