Preventing and Reversing Cancer

Preventing and Reversing Cancer
August 11, 2014

Preventing or Reversing Cancer discussion with Dr. Rowen Pfeifer, DC

“When you go God’s way ALL things change…regardless of the circumstances.  Work with enhancing the God-made healing powers of the body”  Rowen Pfiefer, DC

rowen-photoWe always love talking with Dr. Rowen; he is passionate about the God-made body and it’s ability to heal and repair given the right fuel and the right environment.




In this show Dr. Rowen discusses:

  • The Cancer Production Diet
  • The Importance of the Immune System in preventing and reversing cancers of all types
  • The DISCIPLINES of Health…If you want to thrive, disciplined living needs to be embraced.
  • Tips on what to eat if you have cancer or want to prevent it
  • The importance of probiotics and a healthy immune system
  • Electromagnetic fields and your immune system
  • Grounding to improve your immune system
  • Tips for those fighting cancer with traditional methods
  • Tips for those just recently diagnosed
  • Tips for those wishing to avoid cancer

LISTEN TO DR. ROWEN HERE: There will be a few seconds of music and station ID before the program begins.


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