Red Rush Health & Performance Benefits of Nitric Oxide

Red Rush Health & Performance Benefits of Nitric Oxide
August 25, 2014

We had a blast in May at the Bend, Oregon Pole, Pedal, Paddle launching the new AIM performance product, Red Rush.

Red-Rush-250x270Martin Benning, AIM sponsored athlete did the entire race as a solo entry, the AIM Team; Keith Duff, Skip Taylor, Scott & Nick shot video of Martin’s event and Phil and I ran the Red Rush tent.  It was fun to meet athletes of all ages, give them a nitric oxide test strip and their reaction after they tasted Red Rush and felt it’s effects.

Reactions from people who have been using Red Rush:

  • Eliminated the jet lag we get when we return from China…usually takes 3 days to recover…no recovery!
  • Drastically improved my diabetic neuropathy.
  • Improved my race time by 2.5 minutes.
  • Made my workout feel effortless and gave me energy all day long.
  • Really improves my mental clarity throughout the day…my memory is much better.
  • Red Rush, Peak Endurance and BarleyLife give me the boost I need during and after my workout…wow!

We were privileged to have Ryan Davis, AIM microbiologist and developer of Red Rush on The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour at the end of June.

Learn more about Red Rush and try some today: Red Rush

Here’s the How and Why behind the development and effectiveness of Red Rush and what sets it apart from competitors:

There will be a few seconds of music and station ID before the program begins.

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