Roxanne DeJarnatt – “Free to Heal”

Roxanne DeJarnatt – “Free to Heal”
September 1, 2015

I believe all the positions I’ve held and every experience in my life has been to fulfill this season as a Writer and Speaker.

RoxanneI’ve spent over half my life in volunteer ministry. I was a counselor and staff pastor at a large church in Central Oregon for almost a decade.

In the last decade, after resigning from that position, I’ve experienced a breakdown and a breakthrough. I’ve battled for my daughter’s life and my own– two dramatic and miraculous healing stories.

I write in my blog, Between the Choices. I believe this is where life happens. If one choice brings a setback, we have an opportunity to choose well and move forward in an authentic, transformed life.

My vision is that people everywhere will be free to experience a healthy life– body, soul and spirit. My mission is to empower people to remove barriers to freedom in order to experience a healthy life– physically, emotionally and spiritually. Simply put, free to heal.

There will be a few seconds of music and station ID before the program begins.

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