Satan’s Secret Weapon

September 8, 2014

Is lack of energy, your physical body condition or pain keeping you from accomplishing God’s plans and purpose for your life?

  • Join us as Ellen Briggs discusses Satan’s Secret Weapon to keep you sidelined.
  • We will also share tips on how to break that from your life and move forward into all God has for you!

Ellen in Kitchen June 2011 047Ellen Briggs, Founder, President, Food Consultant, Author,  has spent most of her career in sales and marketing in the media, advertising, and natural foods industries. She began her Better Food Choices education as a child. Her mother refused to succumb to the original Wonder Bread and T.V. Dinner trends. Organic gardens were found in her family’s yard, a novelty at the time. Over time, all of this made an impression on Ellen. She followed her mother’s better choices lifestyle when she became mother of Deirdre and Justin.

After thirty years of either working or being a stay-at-home mom, Ellen started a food consulting business. She began working directly with mothers and kids, guiding them through grocery stores in search of Better Food Choices kids would eat. The foundation of the Better Food Choices concept and related publications and programs were built on these experiences. It has evolved into the Family Food Experts, home of the Kid Kritics Approved Seal. Thousands of hours have been spent with kids, running Kid Kritics Taste Tests, listening to their responses, educating them on food as well as interacting and speaking with moms and dads.  She has 3 grandchildren a following of thousands. Ellen knows kids!


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