The Miracle Economy

The Miracle Economy
February 10, 2015

Meet Jay, The Faith Based Millionaire and Wall St. Renegade

We met Jay through, an entrepreneurs networking site a number of years ago.  The captivating title of his first book; The Faith Based Millionaire, caught our attention.

jay-peroni-lo-res-200x300-200x270Jay contributed to our second book, “My New Year’s Revolution, Transformation Stories to Revolutionize Your Life” in 2012.  You will love his story, pick up your free copy here: My New Year’s Revolution

Early in February Celeste was reading through Jeremiah.  Chapter 3 verse 14 captured her attention:

v14?I will choose one of you from every town and two from every clan and bring you to Zion.  Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.”

The passage goes on to describe the land of Israel and the Jewish nation leading up to when Christ returns.

v17?At that time they will call Jerusalem The Throne of The Lord and ALL nations will gather in Jerusalem to honor the Name of The Lord.”

This really caught my eye and my heart!  I thought…”wow, we need to pay attention to the people God is bringing into Israel and support ministries that help the immigrants.”
A “God Moment”

That same morning I received a newsletter from Jay Peroni titled “The Miracle Economy“, intrigued I read his post and what do you know but Israel is the Miracle Economy!  You will be fascinated, challenged and encouraged by this program.  Please share it with your friends as well!

Jay Peroni, CFP®, is a faith-based financial advisor and author of The Faith-Based Millionaire and The Faith-Based Investor, is an expert authority on the subject of “Faith-Based Investing.” As Founder of and, Jay is passionate about helping people incorporate their faith into their financial lives.  Read More About Jay.

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