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Maureen’s Story

I began the “My Busy Healthy Life” program on October 22nd of this year. I eliminated sugar from my diet for 3 days before beginning the 21 day cleanse on Oct. 25th. In the three days before the cleanse I lost three pounds while still eating regular meals!   I am now finished the cleanse and am in the process of reintroducing eliminated foods.

Slide1I will no longer abuse my body with sugar laden processed foods. I love the feeling of having my food WORK FOR ME instead of AGAINST me. Looking forward to the next part of this program that will teach me how to sustain and continue weight loss and make healthy meals for my family.

November 30, 2014

Becoming Younger at 70…Wait til you see the After!

This is a very happy story. Happy for my dad, happy for our family, happy for me!

becoming younger at 70You see the guy on the far right in the photo below? That WAS my dad...about 13 years ago!

My dad, age 70 when this photo was taken... was fat, sick and tired and we were concerned he would not be with us much longer. Dad has had Type 2 diabetes since his early 40s. When this photo was taken he was so insulin resistant Dad was using over 300 units of insulin per day plus several other meds for other health problems. I want you to see this before photo because the after is INCREDIBLE and a confirmation that you CAN become younger and stronger instead of older and weaker if you give your body the proper building materials.

Dad was facing some serious health problems and asked if we would help him do a cleanse; his doctor told him he had to lose weight in order to have a life saving surgery. The first day of his cleanse dad's insulin needs were cut in HALF. Over the course of 28 days he reduced his insulin from over 300+ to about 20 units per day. Wow!

The Cleanse jump-started dad into his new healthy lifestyle which includes water aerobics, going to the gym and very long walks and international travel. Two years ago Dad and his brother Brooke took a 3 week trip to the British Isles. He was able to carry two suitcases up 81 flights of stairs! Before he wouldn't have even had the energy (or desire) to take a big trip like that.

My Dad in Greece 7 years after he became Wonderfully Well!

(He could have never done that trip at 70...)

IMG_1826-e1371399891200Fast forward this year...well...last year...(dad is 77 now) he and his lovely wife Charlotte took a 3 week trip to the Greek Isles...again...lots of walking and sight seeing. Check out this photo of him in Greece...what a difference! Dr. Norman Walker, D.Sc. in his book "Become Younger" talks about seeing youthfulness in the eyes. You can definitely see dad's eyes are younger and more full of life in this photo than the one above. Dad still has diabetes but it does not control his life as it once did. His daily insulin is more in the 20 to 50 range than the 300+ range. He drinks his AIM juices every day and eats a mostly vegan meal.

This last winter Dad and Char did another Cleanse. Now he is at the lowest weight he's seen in many years. Dad continues to eat well and stay strong. So you see, you can become younger and stronger at any age!

If you are ready to become younger and stronger check out our April half price specials...invest in yourself and give your body a break so it can take care of you!

Update August 2018... Still going strong in his 80s!  I'm proud of you dad!


Becoming Younger at 70

April 5, 2014

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Barbara…My Weight is Going Down and I Feel Energized!

When I got the challenge to start this journey to wellness I was not given too many days... two to be precise and I wondered if I could do this. There would be so much to learn and so much to do and what would I do when I was craving certain foods. What do I have to lose other than maybe the pounds that have not shifted with any other method?

oct08-april09-018-1030x772I Thought I Was Already Eating Healthy

I had already been eating fairly healthy and taking AIM products for about 6 years.  The Garden Trio, Herbal Fiber Blend, Prepzymes, Florafood, GlucoChrom, Revitafem, Frame Essentials and AIMega were my main ones.  I exercised regularly and did not think there was much else to do. But then I made up my mind that I was going to give this a try... So I began...My Busy Healthy Life 4 Month Healthy Lifestyle program delivered through weekly emails from Health Coach, Celeste Davis of The Wellness Workshop.

Why, Why, Why... Must I Do These Things?

The emails came thick and fast at first, teaching me why I must drink water and why I am to avoid chemicals. Much of this I knew but much of it I didn’t!  And it was all put together in such a great way... easy to follow and easy to read, plus many emails in-between with laughter and other lighter notes. Plus all the amazing recipes.

I Actually Started Over the Christmas Holiday!

The 4 phase program includes a 28-day cleanse.  Just before Christmas I was due to start the cleanse and I decided to postpone it to the new year, perhaps around the 2nd of January, however, on the 28th of December whilst looking into all the vegetables and different oils and foods that I will need, I decide to simply do my 3 days of raw, for then I will be done by the 31st of January.  I had all of my products to take, the only change being to take 3 Florafood each morning, instead of only one, which I was doing.

Preparation was the Key

I had listened to the teleclasses included in the My Busy Healthy Life program and had decided that I would be able to eat fruit and veggies for the New Year's party and I did not need to eat the chocolates etc.   Celeste emphasized Good Preparation was the key to success in this program.

After 3 days of only raw food I am amazed as to how well I feel. Not hungry and not given to cravings... I try some of the recipes that Celeste has created and the one with cherries and chocolate appeals to me and so I try it. I even get my family to try it... a fairly favourable response from most...even those not partial to avocado.


Then I continue on... I am amazed.  The Personal Symptoms Tracker (PST) is a tool to help me listen to my body.   The PST rates my personal physical complaints on a scoring system.  My PST numbers are going down, and my weight is going down! That has not happened this fast in over 20 years.  And I feel energised. At one point I did experience a few days of tiredness and grumpiness and weepiness, but overall I am mostly feeling great.

Now at the end of 3 weeks eating mostly raw foods and some cooked, I have lost 8 pounds (in 3 weeks...Unheard of for me) and my PST has gone down 65% and I feel like I can pull my tummy in again!

Thanks to Celeste, her great program, My Busy Healthy Life, with easy to follow and informative emails and God for His food, which is feeding me.

Now My Life Plan

Now I am looking forward to reintroducing foods and making my own eating plan for life.  You can find out more about My Busy Healthy Life and the AIM products I enjoy at

January 23, 2014

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Joe’s Story, Wonderfully Well

Praises to Team Davis! Wanted to share with you folks my great progress.  I’ve dropped 40 lbs, and my cholesterol has dropped 60 points — not since high school has that happened, a jaw-dropper for this 56 y.o.

The doc said my advanced blood lipid panel was prefect. I consider you folks part of my self-appointed health team and appreciate the lifetime opportunity to call for help when needed.

I know that the juicing regiment you made me aware off (a daily ritual), raw food education, supplements, and the knowledge of toxins on the body has taken me to a level I pretty much thought was unattainable. My chiropractor as a wellness physician backs up all that I’m doing. My cardiologist also supports my regiment, letting me know that the medicated stent I had for an 80% clogged artery nine years ago is literally a thing of the past. Regenerated, rejuvenated, and recalibrated. I am off all heart medications, and I’m one of the few people I know who prepares one of the most bodacious breakfasts in a Vita-Mix.

My goal of not paying hospital, medication, or doctor bills and living life to its fullest is on track. I know that when it is time for me to go it will be God’s calling instead of the three cannolis I had the night before. Knowledge and habit formation has taken the place of stupidity and ignorance and places me at a very restive point in my life. I no longer dwell on my mortality, no more pings near my heart, and no cravings at all for the foods that in the past have sabotaged my well-intentioned plans. Blessings on your ministry for changing lives, and as a result the world around us.

August 20, 2013

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Stephanie’s Story, My Busy Healthy Life

I had been working in a very stressful situation and eating for comfort instead of for nourishment.  Well over a decade of fried food and tons of sugar along with lack of sleep and not dealing with the stress in my life had caused me to gain 70 pounds and resulted in a diagnosis of fibromyalgia along with hormone imbalances and early menopause.

I had left my stressful job of 18 years and made several changes in my life in an attempt to recover my health I had begun to exercise again and to try to eat better but was stuck in what to do next.  I knew I couldn't eat fried chicken and Twinkies all the time.....but what I could and should eat was not easy for me to figure out.  My chiropractor told me to try My Busy Healthy Life....and so I did.

The My Busy Healthy Life emails and instructions were easy to follow and because each week was spelled out and broken down into smaller tasks and goals the process was not overwhelming....each week I just needed to do those things that were right for that week....without getting ahead of myself.

The Cleanse was tough as it was full of big changes from my normal routine....I had to prepare and give my food some thought and plan accordingly.  I had to regularly shop and prepare food for myself instead of stopping by for take out somewhere.  However the cleanse was also empowering teaching me how my body felt when I properly nourished it and also teaching me that I do in fact have self discipline when it comes to food and I am capable of choosing the right food option for myself based on health and not comfort or swallowing my emotions.

I really enjoyed the food...the recipes have all been easy to prepare and really good and satisfying.

The AIM juices grew on me! 🙂  I don't do well with drinking some things.  But as I stopped eating all overly flavorful junk foods my tastes changed and I actually am ok with them now and enjoy the way they make me feel nourished.

I loved the BarleyLife for energy and the juices in general. The ProPeas shake is super easy and quick.  When I am tired or hungry I have a shake and my mind clears enough so that I can make good decisions about what to eat for lunch or dinner instead of eating without thought or grazing in the pantry.

After I learn to reintroduce the foods I do plan on continuing with a much different eating program than I have been eating for years

Spending time and money on yourself takes some getting used to when you aren't used to prioritizing your own health.

Just make the investment in yourself and your health....also just do each weeks steps and don't over think it..... its broken down into small very doable steps...all leading up to one HUGE accomplishment!

August 20, 2013