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Laura’s Story, My Busy Healthy Life

I am very thankful that I was able to be a part of My Busy Healthy Life and complete The Wonderfully Well Cleanse.  It was a great experience and has helped me reconsider the foods I choose going forward.  I had been following some of the Wonderfully Well principles and as a result had been losing weight gradually over this past year.  I had plateaued but did not consider that my food choices were not optimal.

Laura Before
318384_2196533708097_1316168544_nNow that I have finished The Cleanse, I realize that it is imperative for me to eat more raw foods for better health.  I have been eating salads for lunch and dinner and have dramatically reduced the amount of animal protein I consume. I am committed to staying with this regimen.

Since I had already been losing weight, I didn't have a super impressive weight loss during The Cleanse, but I have lost about 15 so far in the My Busy Healthy Life program, for a total of 45 lost over this past year.





Laura After - wow!  Look how much younger they both look!  Good Job Laura!
This last amount of weight lost has made a bigger difference in my appearance, so that I am all of a sudden getting comments on my weight loss.

I had been juicing regularly, so was reluctant to use the AIM dehydrated juices, but I trusted Celeste's judgment.  Of course she was right!  I really enjoy how convenient they are and how good they taste, so I am going to keep using them.

I did not struggle that much with the restricted eating during The Cleanse, but I believe that was because I had been prepared well by getting off addictive sugar and gluten.  I am fortunate that I was not experiencing any symptoms, probably because I had eliminated the worst offenders before The Wonderfully Well Cleanse (those changes were recommended to me by Celeste a year ago).

I would heartily recommend others trying My Busy Healthy Life and The Wonderfully Well Cleanse and moving toward a more plant based and raw diet. Celeste is very wise and ready to help you too!  You can do it!  I am excited to go see my doctor next month and see how much progress I have made.

My Busy Healthy Life, you can too!

4 month update:  Dr's visit revealed cholesterol dropped 68 points from over 200 into middle of normal range.  HDL/LDL ration cut in half to perfect mid range,  triglycerides cut in half to normal mid range.

Laura Scott, TN

August 19, 2013

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Linda’s Story, My Busy Healthy Life

This cleanse is the best thing I could have done for myself.  I can’t believe how good I feel and how much energy I have.  The best part (and there are lots of good parts) is that I’m starting to run again.  I did not have the extra energy to do any exercise beside walk the dog.  Now, I’m planning to do another ½ marathon in November.

The steps of the program are not complicated, and Celeste eases you into giving up 10 potentially offending food items, such as, soy, caffeine, sugar, etc, for the cleanse. The idea of giving up caffeine and sugar were the hardest for me, even for the short time of The Cleanse.  But, I gave them up, and now I have no intention of going back to drinking caffeine, and I was a minimum Two-Starbucks-Grande-Pike-per-day girl.

At the end of The Cleanse, Celeste teaches you how to add the foods back into your diet so you can determine whether you have issues with particular foods. One of the interesting things that you learn is that allergies to certain foods come out as unexpected symptoms.

I did a Cleanse with Celeste a few years ago. Her program was different then, and I was in a different mind-set and had a lot of stress at the time. I did not implement the changes I learned back then, and needed to go back to her for more guidance.

During both cleanses, my blood pressure decreased and I lost weight.  I can’t remember the exact other good changes from the first time, but this time, I also cleared up patches of dry, itchy skin, I no longer have awful PMS/menstrual symptoms, and I no longer live on Claritin for allergy symptom relief. I blamed the allergy symptoms on pollen, but appear to have been aggravated by milk.

Additionally, I have also finally given up wheat, at least day-to-day.  It messes up my digestive tract, feeling like it just sits in my stomach making me feel bloated and yucky, but I was resistant to making that change. Who wants to give up bread and pasta forever?! I have made that change and therefore no longer have digestive issues. (I also suspect wheat was the culprit behind my skin issues.) I have found some great alternatives to my wheat-based favorites, but also have found that I don’t really need to be eating those types of foods on a daily basis to be satisfied.

The foods that you eat on The Cleanse are satisfying and tasty. Celeste provides lots of good recipes. I learned I don’t need to be eating as much as I use to eat because the foods I am eating now are so much more filling. I am eating primarily vegetables; beans, quinoa and nuts, and I really like them.  I do also eat limited fruit, meat and rice, as well as the AIM company juices, Propeas, and Fit ‘n Fiber. This is not to say I haven’t indulged in one or two old favorite foods. And, I’ve had a couple of celebration meals since I’ve ended the cleanse… my birthday and July 4th. But, Celeste teaches you about how to incorporate those in your life, also.

I love the AIM company products. I know the benefits of juicing. I have two juicers that I used faithfully for a while, but are now collecting dust. It just got to be too time consuming for me. The powdered juices are a great alternative.  There are some supplements that you also take that are easy to incorporate.

In conclusion, if you haven’t figured it out already, I HIGHLY recommend this program. It’s not complicated, and Celeste guides you through week-to-week. If you go in with an open mind and follow Celeste’s advice, I promise you will see great results. This program is more than a cleanse. Celeste teaches you how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Kind Regards,


August 19, 2013

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Erich’s Story, My Busy Healthy Life

My weight was at an all time high of 235, energy was really low and I ate a lot of processed foods.  I felt I was ready to make a change and the My Busy Healthy Life program was a great opportunity to do that.

Through the weekly emails I learned a great deal about nutrition and how I have to make an effort to be healthy.  I also discovered that I have a dairy sensitivity.  Additionally, I had a really bad rash on my stomach when I began the program that was much improved after just one week AND I lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks; I had to go down 2 pant sizes.  I could definitely tell a difference in my improved energy level and mental clarity.

I felt good about making an improvement towards my health.

The food was a huge adjustment at first, but after learning new recipes I enjoyed being able to create healthy choices with vegetables.  All the AIM BarleyLife and all the juices tasted good and were easy to use.

The products were a little expensive and I would not have been able to participate if my mother was not able to buy and share the products with me.  I may continue them when I am employed full time.  I do plan to continue using the recipes I have learned in the program

I have enjoyed not only losing 15 lbs in 3 weeks, but learning how to have a healthier life.



August 19, 2013

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Paula’s Story, My Busy Healthy Life

Before beginning My Busy Healthy Life I had been on a gluten-free, dairy free, low-glycemic diet for 20 months and had stalled at a 56 pound weight loss point. I knew there was a healthier me inside there, but I hadn’t found a way to get to her.

I was stuck in my health journey but I knew from reading her book, Wonderfully Well and from having a common friend in Dr. Kathleen Inman, that Celeste Davis was the “real deal.”  I knew that God had brought this opportunity into my life.

The regular and timely emails were helpful and encouraging, as were the teleclasses. There was always a question answered or a comment made that I needed to hear.

The changes I experienced were fabulous.  Those stubborn pounds and inches and chronic physical complaints went away!  I lost 9 pounds and 9 inches during my Cleanse.  I haven’t been this size or weight in 30 years!  My PST score was 45 and dropped to 7 at the end of my program.  That means I feel 85% better in just a few months time.  It took My Busy Healthy Life to achieve these wonderful changes.

In the end, The Cleanse was a magnificent experience – it felt as though my body was scrubbed clean on the inside. Along the way there were challenging moments, but one of the best aspects of the MBHL program is that Celeste has walked ahead of you and prepared you thru emails, teleclasses and the digital lessons. She has empowered you with the information you need at that time. If you read the materials she offers, there are no surprises, and Celeste is always just an email away, ready to help.

The Cleanse left me feeling clean and strong, both physically and emotionally. Spiritually I felt raw and vulnerable, but I knew that was appropriate – it was Real – that was actual progress for me. The putrid scabs had been stripped way. It was what God wanted and could work with.

My body absolutely loved raw food.  I was extremely fortunate. I have a locally owned deli with an organic salad bar that is 5 minutes from my house. I would load up a 2-pound box of fresh salad to go and eat lunch and dinner from it for 2-3 days.

As I reintroduced foods I learned that I absolutely cannot have corn in any form – not even non-GMO, organic corn product. I’ve also learned that I can gain 2 pounds in 24 hours if I eat 2 handfuls of Mary’s Gone Crackers in one day.  I definitely can’t eat wheat or gluten, but I even have to watch my intake of Ezekiel bread.  Only one slice and not 2 days in a row. (I have muscle-tested poorly for weird foods like peaches, cucumbers and kalamata olives. Not sure what that’s all about.)

I’ve used a number of different health product lines and I believe AIM is simply excellent. My body really responded to the juices and the cleansing products.  I love, love, love the BarleyLife Xtra, the RediBeets, the Just Carrots and the CalciAim. They help my body come alive in the morning. The FloraFood is one of the best probiotics I’ve ever used and the GlucoChromm is a great blood sugar stabilizer.

I can’t give up the AIM juices – they are too valuable to the foundation of my health. I know that I must make daily choices to overcome my genetics and previous lifestyle food choices. I am fighting against previous hypertension and high cholesterol and probable arthritis, osteoporosis and pre-diabetes. The AIM Juices are powerful tools in my arsenal.

As I enter my NEW Busy Healthy Life, I am daily committing to live out the truths I have learned.

If you really want to change seek out people, places and things that encourage a healthier you – never ever stop fighting for your best health

Forgive yourself when you slip up – and you will slip up. Successful people are not people who never make mistakes. Successful people are people who never gave up.

August 19, 2013

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Kathleen’s Story, My Busy Healthy Life

Most of my days before starting MBHL included eating breakfast and not eating again until 4pm in the afternoon. By that time I would be so starving that I would over eat and make poor choices. I was not taking time out to plan my meal and take care of myself. I would fix these healthy lunches for my daughter but exclude myself from that process. Therefore once I got to work I had no healthy choices as far as lunch and snacks go. I also did not schedule in times to eat. I would often work through lunch and not give myself time for self care.

Kathleen-detox-after-300x293I enrolled in MBHL because I knew I could not continue to live that way and expect to be healthy and feel good. I could see the damage that this lifestyle was doing to my body and my relationships with my husband, my daughter, my family and patients.

I also have a family history of diabetes. I have seen what that disease has done to my family members and I want a different life for my family and me. I want to be vibrant and bright. I want to have mental sharpness and a giving heart. I have seen diabetes steal this from my family and I refuse to let this happen to my family.

I found the emails very helpful at keeping my goals in front of me. They really helped take this huge volume of information and break it down into bite-sized pieces. I always looked forward to what new principle we were putting into place and I always enjoyed sharing that information with my patients as well.

My initial PST (Personal Symptoms) score was 94  and now it is 20!  Which is amazing.  An 80% improvement in how I feel in such a short time.

I have lost 15 lbs and still cant believe that I can fit into jeans that are two sizes smaller. I was folding clothes last night and held up my new jeans and they looked so tiny to me, which makes me feel great and very motivated to continue with the alkaline raw foods diet.

The first three days of The Cleanse were the much easier for me than I had anticipated. I feel that is due to being so well prepared. I know the salad bar box was a huge reason I was so successful during the detox.

I had a few days where I felt tired and Celeste helped me identify why I was feeling that way and helped me adjust the program to better suit my body.  I loved the food that I had during The Cleanse. I made several new recipes and enjoyed every single one of them.

When I began to reintroduce food I learned that dairy in every shape and form is really hard for my body to digest. For me it produces lots of inflammation, which results in many different side effects, and this motivates me to stay away from all dairy products.

The AIM juices and cleansing products make the program so easy to follow. I will continue to use the Juices on a daily basis. My toddler even loves them and asks for the daily. I will also continue to do the Propeas shakes on a daily basis. I don't see going through life without these products ever again. I recommend the AIM juices to patients on a everyday. They are such a great way to start the day and give you an immediate nutritional boost.

My Busy Healthy Life was definitely worth the sacrifice of time and finances. I have gained so much knowledge and I have gained big parts of my life back from being more conscious in my decisions about food, to how I spend my time, and my relationships.

I intend to move forward and continue on with My Busy Healthy Life.

August 19, 2013