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Jenita’s Story, My Busy Healthy Life

I've been interested in eating nutritiously for many years and always open to more helpful info that would benefit my health as well as others.

Jenita-8-22-13-3My problem has always been that I would implement the new information and do well for awhile, but eventually return to old habits that weren't very good for my health.  I was developing some symptoms that were alarming to me (age 72).  All four of my siblings have died of cancer and I wanted to make sure I did everything I knew to do to stay healthy, as I grow older.  I heard about Celeste's book, Wonderfully Well and started searching for it on line.

I called the number on Celeste's website and learned her new program, My Busy Healthy Life and was invited, with a number of others, to join the My Busy Healthy Life launch team.

I've never had the privilege of a health coach before and have found the experience to be the missing piece that I've needed.  For years I've intended to lose the extra pounds that came on with middle age, but have never been successful in reaching my goal.  Now, choosing to only eat raw and organic cooked foods, they weight is slowly coming off.

Along with my desire to reach my goal weight has been a concern about memory issues, low energy, sinus congestion, some skin issues, and of course the family tendency toward cancer.  I was able to stick to the cleanse program when a Discovery Session (Celeste’s individual coaching) zeroed in on my specific issues.

One of the biggest pieces that kept me engaged was her weekly emails that lined out the next step to take.  I didn’t feel overwhelmed with too much information all at once.

I also found the teleclasses that I was able to participate in, pertinent to the need at the time and very instructive, allowing room for questions and answers.  I tried many of her recipe suggestions, such as the kale salad, the coconut fudge, the key lime pie, and many others and found them appetizing and satisfying.  I determined that the next time I make key lime pie I’ll cut the recipe to make individual servings, that way it will always get eaten while it’s fresh.

In the program I tracked physical symptoms, (called a PST) I suffered with personally by scoring each week and watching for positive and negative changes.  My beginning PST score was 157 and my ending score was 82, which was a 52% improvement.  That means I feel over 50% better now than I did when I began, just 3 months ago!

My "before" weight was 170 and my ending weight was 163 my body let go of 7 pounds and removed 12 inches of fat.

My three-week cleanse experience was a real surprise to me because the cravings were gone within 2-3 days and I seldom really felt hungry.  Though I was on a restricted calorie menu I always felt like I had plenty to eat and enjoyed my food.  I’m about ready to do it again because I felt so good.  I did not find it hard to stay on the program (except when unexpected social events interrupted me.  Though I made plans for it and took my food and supplements I did find it hard to make the right choices during those events.)

One of the very valuable learning experiences for me during the cleanse was the daily changes in how I felt – more energy, less mucous, digestive system working better than it ever had before.  It made me realize that I really could see health changes by the choices I made.

Reintroducing foods was probably the most difficult period for me and I don’t feel like it was the success I was hoping for because I had some emotional family events happening during that time.  For that reason I’m looking forward to going back through the cleanse period (and now I know what to do).  I believe it will prove to be a bigger success.  However, the success I experienced on The Cleanse was enough incentive to persevere into an established lifestyle of healthy nutrition.

My two daughters who live with me were quite influenced toward better choices as I was changing the kitchen and the food I was preparing.  One lost 17 pounds and the other lost 10 pounds, just by changing the choices of what they were eating.

I know that the AIM products were instrumental in the positive physical changes I experienced – especially the Herbal Fiber Blend and the Fit n Fiber.  The Garden Trio Juices made it so easy to get huge amounts of nutrition without all the work.  I appreciate knowing there’s a source for excellent quality nutritional products and plan to take advantage of that source.  I feel free to recommend the products to anyone who shows an interest in their health.

This was an experience that I appreciate beyond words as I feel that I now have the resources to achieve my goals of health and fitness and energy for whatever the future holds.  I intend to continue experimenting with and increasing my repertoire of healthy recipes and sharing my experiences with others as I have the opportunity.  I know what good choices will do for my health because I’ve experienced it.

I would recommend My Busy Healthy Life and The Wellness Workshop to others.   When you start, as you receive Celeste’s weekly emails read them immediately and don’t wait.  They contain the vital instructions for your success that week.  Also, try some of the recipes she recommends.  They really are good.  The SAD (Standard American Diet) cravings will fade quickly.

I highly recommend Celeste's Wellness Workshop.  Her coaching is personable and personal and you won't be sorry you made that choice.

Jenita Matteson, Oregon



August 19, 2013

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Charley & Karen’s Story

We joined my busy healthy life because we had been juicing and were hungry for more information. Celeste’s tips have made it easier. While our PST score did not see a dramatic change due to our previous juicing. We were able to use the recipes that Celeste provided to give us more variety in our diet.

She gave us the inspiration to make the change to raw foods as a life choice. We have joined a raw foods group and have made it a day-to-day choice in our daily lives. The desire to eat raw has become stronger with the use of recipes that make it not only a healthy lifestyle but also a healthy life style we can live with.

Karen and I have seen our bodies stop craving sugars, carbs and empty calories of processed foods. Having the ability to contact Celeste in the future in the event of a challenge or trial we have difficulty with is a very comforting feeling.

Celeste opened our eyes to a raw food diet that went beyond simply salad and raw vegetables. We were able to look at our food choices with a much wider variety and appreciation for how many choices were available to us. Suddenly a plant based raw diet was doable in the long run, it was changed from a “diet plan” to simply how we eat day to day. We plan on continuing juicing and using the powdered juices on vacation or when we need a quick juice “fix”.

We cannot say enough about Celeste – she has always been supportive and realistic in her expectations. She has been very understanding when setbacks occur and encouraging. Her sincerity and passion has been a strong motivation booster during this journey. It was helpful when you have a setback to not have to explain yourself to Celeste. We have been able to maintain a positive outlook in no small part due to the time and effort Celeste has invested in our individual well-being. She has understood that we have been on this journey as a couple and has been more than willing to work with us in this way.

As we have evolved from the cleanse and reintroduced ourselves into the healthy food lifestyle we plan to live from now on Celeste has been there to give help, tips and moral support.

We are planning on incorporating a regular exercise plan into our schedule and make it a part of our daily routine. We have seen ourselves change from wanting to just loose weight to being more comfortable in our own skins. This has allowed us to move away from a number on a scale to a much more important number…..  the years we are adding to our lives by making the positive changes necessary to make those healthy and productive years.

August 19, 2013

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Bea’s Story, My Busy Healthy Life

Over the past year, I became extremely busy with work (I’m a teacher) and graduate school. Because of some medication and lifestyle changes, I found myself in the midst of a health crisis. I did not feel well on a daily basis, and it was hard to enjoy life. MBHL offered a simple, step by step plan to help me achieve my wellness goals. So, I thought I would try it.

190_511751568932_961_nAfter I signed up for the program, I immediately started receiving helpful, encouraging emails about this wellness journey. There were emails detailing the steps of the program, the products I needed, and why I was doing everything. It was an incredibly efficient way to keep me informed and encouraged. As a teacher, I check my email at least 3x a day. It is great to check my inbox and to see helpful information that is going to guide me on my wellness journey for that day.

So I began the program very optimistic about the outcome. I already worked with Celeste when she lived in Nashville, so I knew she was the best at what she does: leading people to life healing and wellness. I was very pleased as the first action steps were simple. The information was easy to print out and organize, and if I had any questions, Celeste went out of her way to answer them in a timely manner.

I began the detox phase very hopeful about the cleansing and restoring work the Lord wanted to do in my life. I loved the convenience of the juices and the protein shakes. Nutrition in minutes, who doesn’t love that? A few days in however, I started having migraines. I talked with Celeste and we realized since I had been on a seizure medication, we were going to have to do things a little differently. Over the course of a couple of weeks, we landed on a nutrition plan that really worked for me. It included high doses of magnesium, homemade yogurt, and multiple servings of the BarleyLife and JustCarrots juice every day. I am thankful to say that I have been migraine free for over three weeks now!

Going forward, I plan to continue the nutrition plan we developed during MBHL. I would like to lose more weight and build an immunity to all the nasty school germs I’m around on a daily basis (YUCK!). One thing I realized is that everyone’s body is different, and that the journey to wellness looks different for everyone. There is no need to get in a rush. This is a journey of a lifetime. God has plans of healing for us all. All we have to do is seek him and He’ll show us.

I love the salad to go box! That has revolutionized the way I make salads. It is so much easier and quicker than before.

I also really love to make homemade yogurt now. I’ve noticed that it has helped my immune system since I’ve been eating it every day. It’s also a nice treat when you’re wanting something creamy!

One tip I do have is about packing salads for lunch. I’m in a new classroom this year, and my refrigerator is not set up yet. I was packing my salads in the morning, and by noon they were soggy. I googled some suggestions and found the salad in a jar to be a perfect solution for me. All you need is an air tight mason jar. You pack your salad in the jar heaviest things first. So I put my bean burger in the bottom, then my berries, bell peppers, my lettuce and greens, and a little green onion on top. If you want you can drizzle your salad dressing on the very top of the salad and seal the jar. I choose to put my dressing in a smaller, separate container. When you’re ready to eat just pour your salad out and it’s all ready for you, still fresh and crisp.

August 19, 2013

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Betty’s Story, My Busy Healthy Life

My life “before” was busy but not healthy in many ways.    I found myself seeking comfort and relaxation with wine rather than relaxing and engaging in life with people I love and activities I enjoy.

My nightly wine did energize me temporarily, however, I found myself going from energized to couch potato in no time flat.  I was tired because alcohol and sleeping don’t play well together.  I was mentally and emotionally beat up because I felt like I was doing my best to survive but was failing at taking care of myself and was not being a good role model for anyone.  In a word, I was not being “true” to Who & Whose I am.  And, just an FYI, wine and almonds for dinner will make you fat!

I had been praying for a program to come along where someone would give me a plan and tell me what to eat – something I could buy into, because I’ve done a lot of weight loss “plans” in my life and I know what healthy is and is not.  Then I got an e-mail from Celeste about “My Busy Healthy Life” and Voila, my prayers were answered.  And you know what a blessing it is when God answers prayers.  They’re bigger and better than you could have imagined.

My Busy Healthy Life is much more than just an eating plan and I feel great!  I was nervous about the cleanse and giving up alcohol completely for a while but also relieved that someone was helping me get out of some bad unhealthy habits.  I have been completely successful and am feeling peaceful and proud that I’ve made such strides in caring for myself.  I lost 14 pounds in 4 weeks.  Clothes that were tight are loose.  I don’t feel like I have to stand in my closet for 15 minutes searching out something to cover everything up any more.  I’m no longer bloated, constipated and fuzzy brained.

Betty Sanders hiking
Betty-Sanders-hikingMy husband and I have started going on hikes on weekends at state parks here in beautiful Tennessee.  I am preparing food in my recently remodeled kitchen – a kitchen that before this program was a place for the refrigerator and microwave.  I’ve learned how to use a food processor – come on, 53 and never operated a food processor?!!  I’m finding new recipes and new healthy places to eat here in Nashville and Celeste’s recipes are healthy and delicious.  I’ve learned how to plan my weekend so I get to the health food grocery store and prepare my meals for the week.

It’s a wonderful major life change and Celeste is a phone call or e-mail away – I love e-mail!  It’s so well thought out and researched and you’re given all the information that you need.  The AIM products are tasty and of the highest quality.  I know that they’re working because after 18 months my body is cycling again. I feel “normal” instead of fighting with hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, etc. all of which were really making my life a daily challenge.    I thought I was in menopause and a very miserable menopause at that.  So there has to be a reason my body turned back on to the normal cycle again.

Going forward I plan to continue with the AIM products.  They’re packed full of nutrients and my body loves them!  I plan to continue eating what is good for me, and preparing tasty food.  I’m almost in my “normal” weight range and will continue to exercise and be physically fit.

If I can do this program you can do it.  And you’ll be so happy that you did.

Update:  5 weeks – 18 pound and 6? fat removal.  Yay!

August 19, 2013

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Bonnie’s Story

I started on this road to wellness over 10 years ago when I found myself overweight, fatigued and generally unhappy. I have done many programs along the way and after each one I would pick a few new habits I thought I could live with and incorporated those into what was becoming my new healthy lifestyle. I lost weight, dropped 3 sizes, and gained a lot of energy in addition to an emerging dedication to continual improvement.

I met Celeste a couple of years ago and the information she shared about even healthier food options opened up a whole new world to me. My menu had become quite limited (you can only do so much with grilled chicken and steamed broccoli) and she shared so many creative and tasty ways to make living healthy enjoyable. So, when I heard that she was offering the My Busy Healthy Life program, it was a no-brainer. I had to participate.

Bonnie-Troxel-Full-PhotoI went into it knowing I would learn something new, and I did. One of the things that stood out was that I was finally learning why to choose certain foods and avoid others. The previous programs I had done shared only a fraction of what Celeste’s program provided, yet hers was only a fraction of the cost. I won’t lie to you – there’s a lot of reading involved – but those lessons, along with the PST and the one-on-one session with Celeste are invaluable tools in understanding your body and what will work for you long-term. This is the only program you will ever need.

Another element of the MBHL program that was important to me was learning about two lines of fabulous products – AIM and Beyond Organic. I had been looking for a pea protein without added sugar and simply couldn’t find it. But Celeste did. AIM’s ProPeas is delicious in my morning smoothies without the side effects of added sugar. I also enjoy the taste and convenience of their juice products and the alkalizing benefits of Barley Life. The Milk & Honey Amasi probiotic beverage from Beyond Organic was a special treat I looked forward to. I savored every drop! I can’t wait to try additional products from both of these fabulous lines.

My participation in this program was not about weight-loss (even though I did lose a few pounds) – it was about gaining knowledge and access to superior products. Mission accomplished. Thanks Celeste!!


July 13, 2013