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Playing My Trump Card

I grew up in Michigan, and one of the staples to entertainment was the card game called Euchre.  Everyone played Euchre, regardless of age.  I even played on the bus on the way to elementary school.  What I loved about Euchre was the Trump Card.  I couldn’t wait to look at the hand I was dealt to see if I got a Trump Card.  The Trump Card beat all, and it gave you such a feeling of control and power to hold that Trump Card, happily anticipating "just the right moment" to use it.

227620_2009285280074_4667715_nAfter almost 5 years since meeting Celeste, I realized it was time to give her a call in January.  I had worked with Celeste in 2008 and realized what she could do for me.  I started changing my diet and exercise routines back then with some success, but fell off my plan within the first year.  Then I just let go and brought myself to a place that was not good.  My cardiologist wanted me on blood pressure medication and a drug to control my rising cholesterol.  I had enough and embarked on a new mission in January 2013.

My first January meeting with Celeste was a refresher course of everything she taught me in 2008, and knew I remembered.  I think she realized I knew what to do, but I just wouldn’t do it.  So she asked me why I wanted to change.  She wouldn’t accept the standard answers relating to getting healthy again or losing weight.  She asked why do I want to do those things.  I thought to myself, what a ridiculous question, but she continued to press.  So I explained how my Mom, Rose, lost a battle to cancer at the age of 61.  And it was a long battle – 11 years to be exact.  So I saw her ups and downs and the pain and discomfort from all the various treatments.  I also saw how if affected my brothers and my Father.  We weren’t being selfish… we were saddened by what this was doing to one of the sweetest people I knew and loved.

Then it hit me.  I didn’t ever want my wife and boys to go through what I went through losing Rose.  It tore me apart, even as an adult.  It was so simple, yet so impactful.  I knew that I can control my health if I start now.  I don’t believe Rose was at fault, but I do firmly believe that we can all lessen our chances of succumbing to such diseases if we make radical changes to our eating and exercise habits.

So I explained this to Celeste.  She came back to me with a simple, “there you go, that is your Trump Card.”  She told me to throw down my desire to live to a healthy ripe old age for my wife and kids as my Trump Card.  Wow, seems like a simple concept, doesn’t it?  Well, I put it to use.  I travel a lot and find myself in some pretty nice restaurants.  I also love to snack at home.  So every time I had an urge to go off plan, I threw down my Trump Card.

382728_10200678269031600_1725807093_nThat was four months ago, and I am pleased to report that I am now down 42 pounds, and only about 13 away from 210 pounds.  Don’t think I have been 210 since maybe before college.  It gets better.  I am no longer on blood pressure prescriptions and my cholesterol has dropped from 220 two years ago to 134 as of April of this year.  I feel better… no, strike that.  I feel great...and PROUD.

I feel like I did on that school bus in 1974 holding the Jack of Clubs..."NO-Unhealthy Lifestyle… I just trumped you!"

UPDATE:  Matt reached his goal of 210 and went below for a total weightloss of 55 pounds in 8 months.  Matt's triathalon and marathon timing increased, his stamina increased and his recovery time decreased with his new healthy lifestyle.

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June 8, 2013

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Family of 4 drops 60 pounds in 28 days!

Well Family! Update!  As of November 2010, the family was down 94 pounds and holding!  Now Grandpa and favorite Aunt are joining the family by detoxing.

In July (2010)  a family of 5 took on the Family Detox and had great success!  In addition to normalizing mom's blood sugar, dad and mom losing aches and pains and gaining energy, teenage daughter greatly reducing PMS symptoms and 4th grade son's behavior and attention improving, the family lost a combined total of 60 pounds in just 28-days! Even the 9 year old lost 11 pounds!  Another amazing thing.....they started their detox on vacation!

How did they do it?  They started eating REAL food, drinking water and getting their bodies moving, dad and son began riding bikes, daughter and mom (yes, mom joined her at times) put their all into conditioning at daughter's basketball practice!  They looked at their own real lived and made simple changes anyone can do.

In addition they eliminated processed foods including pop tarts and diet sodas and desserts.  The family began to drink freshly extracted veggie and fruit juices every day with their new Champion juicer and eat a diet of 75% raw fruits and veggies and 25% cooked fruits and veggies.

Want to learn more?  The plan they followed is in our book, Wonderfully Well, order your copy below and pick it up at our exclusive book signing event Saturday, August 14, 11 am to 1 pm.  Order your book and receive details on the place of the book signing and what to bring.

Mom says the biggest change for the young children, 4 and 9 were no more pop tarts, sodas, diet sodas, and limited ice cream.  She enlisted the youngsters in reading serving sizes on their treat packages and creating baggies of treats using proper serving sizes.  She also required the youngsters to at least taste the new family food each meal and "made over" some of their favorites (like mac and cheese) using healthier ingredients.  The children are beginning to enjoy the new foods and the 9 year olds favorite school lunch is vegetarian bean burgers.  They also changed from peanut butter to almond butter and jelly made using grape or apple juice instead of sugar.

Here's the story in their own words:

Mom: "Forty-two years old, Type-2 diabetic and weight seeming to increase daily I knew I had to do something.  Throughout the years of the weight battle I've tried the South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, Atkins and just counting carbs and watching fat content.  Nothing would "stick" with me for life.  Everything had it's merits as far as weight loss, but nothing seemed to be the right fix.

When my weight was at its highest point and my diabetes was escalating, I knew I had to do something!  None of the previous plans seemed to inspire me to move and do something....anything!  I remembered Celeste Davis telling me at one point a couple of years prior that she too was Type-2 diabetic and reversed it.  I decided it was time to at least talk to her.  What she shared with me made absolute sense and the education she gave me empowered me to not just lose weight but get healthy!

Detox....part of it was a challenge; the food prep part and actually thinking ahead so that you don't get hungry and have nothing prepared.  The actual eating part was not hard for us.  If something my body needed didn't suit my taste buds I'd either figure out another way or tell myself "my body needs this".  Eventually you learn to like most things that are "raw" and there are many ways to creatively prepare "raw" food.

So here we are, post-detox, and our plan is to stay on course.  We will introduce a few things but we have no intention of going back to the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) way of living.  Healthy living is much more beneficial and our bodies are responding so well.  We (my husband and oldest daughter joined me on this adventure), feel so much better, have experienced weight loss and we know that our insides are getting healthier to give us a better quality of life.  Why would we want to give up that and feel awful again?"  DRM

Daughter age 14: I was excited and ready to lose weight and get healthy, I knew it was going to be a challenge, however.  I ate what I was supposed to (even at teenage parties and sleep overs).  I had a couple of rough days and complained but I learned to like the new foods and I have more energy to run laps for volleyball and basketball, and I feel better too.  I am going to continue eating this way because I am not completely done with getting healthy and losing weight yet."

Dad: Before we started the process, I thought some of the dietary requirements were a little far-fetched (ie Flax seed smoothies) and 100% raw everything.  It was going to get a bit boring to eat salad for lunch and for dinner and not just get tired of the lack of variety. I also thought that “how could the little bit of artificial sweeteners I was using be that bad.” I’m getting all these drastic changes to our diet by secondhand information from Dawn and though it was a bit too much. I also thought about the expense of it all – juicing every morning for each of us. Fruit is not cheap. And how much water?! ½ my body weight in oz. I was never a good water drinker to begin with.

However, during the process my mind began to change. As I ate my salads, I began to crave raw vegetables. The more I could get into my salad the better. Dawn started introducing amazing salad recipes that were delicious and very tasty. That took care of the “boredom” of salad, salad, salad. Although fruit can be expensive, I wouldn’t miss my juice in the morning now.  You find areas in the budget to buy the fruit instead of the junk food. The benefit is that during the “detox” stage, I lost 18 lbs for a total weight loss to date of 25 lbs. I feel amazing and I am not done yet. As I have become more aware of the food that I consume and how it can affect me, I am more careful what I eat and how much I eat. I have been off sodas or pop now for 8 weeks and I don’t miss it at all. Water is all I drink and I feel good about it. I used to get acid reflux with the foods I ate in the past, but during the detox stage I did not have one episode of reflux.

My plan for the future is to stay on track with the good eating habits I have begun to establish. With Dawn’s help, continue to educate myself on the varieties of food concerning what I can and shouldn’t eat.  I have enjoyed getting to this point and know that it is just the beginning really. There have been a lot of compliments on how I look and that is nice too. I need to be an example for my children so they can get a head start on  healthy eating, so when it is time for them to go out on their own  for school and/or when they have their own families that it will be a natural thing for them to prepare and eat healthy foods. Male, 40+yrs

CELESTE'S NOTE:  This is not an unusual story. It is possible for anyone who wants to truly be well.  We are here to help in the process, coaching greatly increases success rate, it's the winning difference in sports, finances and especially healthy living!

August 5, 2010

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