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Now I can live long and strong!

In six weeks I have lost 13 pounds and 80% of my physical and mental ailments are gone!

I feel confident as I continue along the path to good health.  Meeting Celeste was a miracle from God for me!

February 8, 2015

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I was dying from the inside out!

STATS: Medical symptoms score before – 194.

All my life I have struggled with my weight.  At age 33 (15 yrs ago) I had gastric (bypass) surgery.  I lost 160 obs but have worked my way back up to 208 lbs!  With no nutritional education or support system, I taught myself to survive on mostly chips and cookies.

In the past few years I have been suffering with many physical ailments; allergy symptoms, constant pain and inflammation, migraines, NO ENERGY, severe PMS, memory loss (my family would laught and call e an alzhiemers patient), high blood pressure, muscle loss and the list goes on and on.  One doctor told me I was “running on fumes”.

In December 2007, I had a revelation – I was dying!  Something literally spoke into my spirit – I was dying from the inside out!

I shared these feelings with my husband and was even more devastated when he agreed with me.  Two weeks later I met Celeste.  I knew immediately I needed her guidance.  I have been meeting with Celeste for six weeks.  With her Christian-based counseling, Ihave begun to heal spiritually and physically.  Working with my physical limitations and logistics (I am an over-the-road truck driver), Celeste has taught me to make healthy choices with food and walked with me on a spiritual awakening.  She has taught me to be intentional about choices in all parts of my life.

In six weeks I have lost 13 pounds and 80% of my physical and mental ailments are gone!  I feel confident as I continue along the path to good health.  Meeting Celeste was a miracle from God for me!

February 8, 2015

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STATS: 54 yr old female. Wt loss 8 lbs, medicals symptoms reduction 60%.

Where I was:

Stuck, depressed, heavy-weighted. I have felt like a mouse in maze.  In fact a counselor that I have seen in the past said “you have been working on these issues for a long time”.  The mind was exhausted as well as the body.  Giving up in hopelessness was the course I was headed for.  Could I desert my family and leave?  It was possible and looked inviting.

Steps taken to change:

The most visible route was guidance in food choices.  It was touchable and controllable.  Education led to hope and hope spread to other aspects.  Forgiveness from a different slant pushed me into a new realm.  Food changes cleared the path for forgiveness of myself and for choices that impacted others.  In that shifts have occurred.  Hope restored, then lives renewed!

Life now:

What I have gained the most is that changing one action in a positive form (like food choices) frees the mind and body to balance and receive emotional well-being – it has freed me to receive the Holy Spirit in a way that I have never experienced.  I have chosen well at times but my body and mind were not open to receive.  I knew that but did not know how to overcome this – until Celeste walked me through the process.

I truly believe this is an appointed time and place.  It is amazing that something as basic as food – life giving – would be so simple yet complex to be use as an avenue by God to restore what the locust have eaten – brining one area in line opens all possibilities – God is speaking all the time and now I have allowed Him to touch me.

This has begun to affect my marriage, which I deemed as hopeless and my children, whom I have stuck in hopelessness.  I am genuinely yearning for the good in food, relationships and God Himself.  This is astounding to me and fills me with Joy and Hope.

I am beginning to ramble and repeat myself so I shall stop now – and go Live!  Thanks so much!!

February 8, 2015

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Greatly Blessed

Male, 46 yrs vocal Artist, “my voice has never sounded better!”

Incorporating this new lifestyle of eating I have been greatly blessed.  This new-found way of approaching the ‘lifestyle of eating healthy’ as really, really opened my eyes to the total deprivation our society has sunk into as it relates to the most basic of our needs…food.

I would highly recommend this lifestyle to anyone ready for a real change.  It is soooo important the Wellness Workshop is there for those who are ready.  Thank you Celeste!

February 8, 2015

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Years of headaches

Stopped in just 28 days! Stats:  Daily migraines, unable to manage with prescription and over the counter drugs.

Before my detox I was tired, overweight and had severe headaches and migraines daily.  I thought my eating was OK.  I ate cereal or toast for breakfast, fast food for lunch, pasta or whatever we felt like eating as a big family dinner.  And boy did I ever snack afterwards

My detox lasted about 1 month.  I ate raw fruits and veggies and my beverage was only water.  I increased my water intake by ½ bottle per 30 minutes during my work day.  I cut out my unhealthy snacking too.  Within 10 days I started to feel better, less headaches and more energy!

Within 6 months of my new lifestyle I have lost more than 30 lbs!  My daily headaches have decreased to only once a week or so, because I have figured out what foods affect them – milk products, chemicals and yeast products were giving me side effects.

For breakfast I now eat free-range eggs and fruit and sprouted toast.  For lunch I eat salads, wraps or grilled meats.  For dinner I eat all kinds of meat which is chemical free and natural along with all kinds of delicious veggies which are organically grown.

I have been working towards eating well for about 8 months now, to be honest I’ve lost track because feeling good is just TOO MUCH FUN!

I continue to eat well because I feel better, look better, am happier and I’ve got much more energy than ever!  And because feeling good is just TOO MUCH FUN!  I keep it up because I remember how terrible I felt and how sluggish I was before.

My new lifestyle has positively impacted all areas of my life from family, job to social.  I am now more engaged in the people in my life and happier everywhere I go during my day because I feel better and have more energy to fuel me throughout my day!

Thank you Celeste for all your help!

February 8, 2015

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