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I lost 105 pounds!

Three years ago I was 19 years old, 299 pounds, on the verge of being a diabetic and having high blood pressure. My weekly diet consisted of frozen chicken nuggets, canned green beans and corn, and boxed meals like Hamburger Helper. At least 2x a week I suffered with headaches, chest pains, and/or breathing difficulty.

During the detox, I changed my diet dramatically. The most significant change I made was switching from processed foods to raw foods. My diet went from being 5% raw foods to 75-90% raw foods.

Now I’m 22 years old, 194 pounds, and my blood pressure is normal. I have no more chest pains, or breathing difficulty, and the headaches only come when I eat processed foods that aren’t good for me. My weekly diet now consists of a variety of salads, including spring mix, veggie romaine, or (my new favorite) spinach and quinoa salad. I also eat a variety of fruits and nuts…I even make my own healthy, unprocessed, unbreaded chicken strips fried olive oil.

I have been working towards eating well for 1 full year now. I continue to eat well because of how much my quality of life has improved since detoxing and cutting out processed foods. Besides being more confident in myself,  I am much more active than what I used to be, exercising with friends on a regular basis, and even going dancing every once in a while. Life is just more fun.

Choosing this way of life has changed my life in lots of ways, but the biggest adjustment that I had to make was with time. I’ve had to learn how to prioritize and be intentional with my time because it takes time to make the foods that are good for you. I’ve also had to learn how to budget because it definitely costs more to eat well.

Before 299 pounds and after 194 pounds!


Note:  This was written 2 years ago, Bea has continued to lose weight and has been in maintenance for 4 years.

February 1, 2015

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Healing Psoriasis

Laura was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 12.  This devastating disease plagued her life until she finally found relief in her early 50’s through body detoxification.  Psoriasis is a miserable and embarrassing condition for many people, Laura’s case was severe and altered her life and her self image.  Here is her story.

“We have good news and bad news:  the good news is we know why you’re feeling sick.  The bad news is that you are allergic to all foods but rice and barley .”  Thus began my journey to health in 1995, when “What can I eat?” became my life’s obsession. Chronic sinusitis, yeast infections, digestive problems and psoriasis plagued me.

Years of chemical treatments for the psoriasis left me with severe allergic reactions to medications and antibiotics.  I found relief through acupuncture, regular chiropractic adjustments and supplements.  But the greatest life-changing improvements came when my chiropractor introduced me to Celeste Davis.  Celeste’s gentle coaching, along with her vast knowledge of nutrition, the human body and the human spirit, changed my life forever.  The detox diet was a chance to rest from the toxins I was unknowingly putting into my body day after day.  After eliminating wheat, corn, dairy and sugar and following the diet and recipes recommended by Celeste, I lost 15 pounds, reduced the frequency of sinus and yeast infections, and the psoriasis lesions cleared.  I recommend Celeste and this detox diet for anyone who wants to take charge of their own well-being once and for all!  Forever grateful, Laura, 50+

January 30, 2015

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From Sedentary to a Full Marathon!

My Story, Male 40+

It is amazing how the time slips by, but the unhealthy habits and discomfort just become part of my life.  I never really felt like a healthy person, and I certainly can’t remember ever doing anything about it except for one time back in the late eighties.  That was a long time ago, and it didn’t last.

So I accepted the slow and steady weight gain.  The backaches and kidney stones.  The sneezing and headaches.  The constant bloated feeling and gastrointestinal discomfort.  I just thought they were part of life.  I never thought they were due to the foods I ate.  Never…  Pretty naïve for a college educated person.

My wife, Kim, is very healthy.  She turned to vegetarianism many years ago, starting with giving up poultry after we gave ourselves salmonella poisoning.  I, on the other hand, wolfed down some chicken just days after the body aches and diarrhea disappeared.  She gave up red meat after researching its potential relationship to cancer after a family member on her side contracted cancer.  I could have had a frequent eater’s card at In and Out Burger while we lived in California.  She ran or rode her bike and did weight training while I found reasons not to exercise – because I was too busy.

About a year ago, she decided to take it up a notch, again.  She struck up a conversation with a gentleman about juicing and raw foods and the Hallelujah Diet.  Oh, no!  Raw fruits and vegetables.  And carrot juice.  My life was being dismantled before my very eyes.  This was a cult!  Our marriage was going to crumble!  She is crazy! I can’t live like this!  What was she trying to do to me?

Then it happened… a simple little thought planted itself in my mind about 120 days ago.  While stepping on the scale, I realized I had climbed to the highest weight ever… I was up to 260 pounds.  Not me!  How did this happen?  I knew the slacks were getting tight, and oh, yeah, I preferred XXL shirts now. They were more comfortable because – well, I liked them to be a little more roomy now that I am in my mid-forties.

Kim must have read me like a book.  She sensed my dilemma and she played it very well.  Her friend was unable to accompany her to the Southern Women’s Show, and Kim desperately wanted to go to visit the Hallelujah Acres booth.  So she asked me to go with her… to the Southern Women’s Show.   Oh, my.  How do I get out of this?  You’re right… if I know what is good for me, I don’t.  I just suck it up and go.

So I tried to entertain myself.  Our 10-year-old son joined us.  He always supports mom, so I tried to set a good example.  Raw food – sure, that sounds good.  Son, want some?  We ended up attending Celeste’s demonstration on making raw cookies.  Hey, why not?  It’s a dessert.  I had sushi before, how bad can a raw cookie be, for Pete’s sake?

Well, as we got to the end of her demo, she started pulling names for the door prizes.  We were in the front row, and voila!  She pulls my name near the beginning… what did I win?  Maybe a dozen of those raw cookies?  No, it looks like a little bottle — of what, though?  Oh, no!  Did she say scented oil?  Well, take it graciously, and hope no co-workers came with their spouse and saw me accept my prize!

A couple of names later, our son wins a footbath!  Hey, every 10 year old wants one of those.  You know, like they want to go to summer school.  Then Kim wins a free detox consultation with Celeste. Ok, I now realize no Titan’s tickets or dinner with Carrie Underwood.  But as I talked with Celeste after the program, I started questioning my doubt.  I haven’t ever found the answer myself, so why not try.  On the way home, I asked my wife if I could use the consultation and, of course, she jumps at that chance.  Maybe I will listen to someone else.

I started with Celeste on April 30, 2008.  I committed to her that I would be open minded and dedicated.  Today, I sit here 30 pounds lighter.  Basically with none of the discomfort mentioned above.  No headaches, bloating, soreness, and so on.  I have a great outlook because I am not embarrassed to get in front of people.  I don’t choose clothes that hide my weight problem.  And I will let you in on a secret… it feels great being told I look great.  I am not even done, yet.  I have another 20 pounds I want to lose.

I know what I want to eat.  Celeste has taught me to prepare and plan and ask for what I want.  And I do that.  I have buried that embarrassment I thought I’d feel asking for stand out meal choices – because now I stand out feeling better.  She also taught me to be intentional.  This is not a fad or a short-term approach.  I know that I feel good this way, and I won’t accept feeling like I used to.  My wife and kids see the difference and they love it.

In a recent blast email to her client list, Celeste cited my initials and mentioned I was “The Biggest Loser.”  What a compliment, because I know that is why I feel like the biggest winner.

NOTE:  Now 3 years have past and Matt completed the Music City Marathon this year, 2011.  From Sedentary to completing a full Marathon!  Way to go Matt!!

January 30, 2015

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Alcohol-Free, Smoke-Free, Junk Food-Free Indeed!

MY STORY: (Female, age 46)

In recent months, I have found myself in the midst of an incredible journey of healing and restoration . . . spiritually, physically, and emotionally. The irony is not lost in the truth that God has used disease in my life—the disease of addiction—as a means to lead me into a personal relationship with Him and to bring about healing on many levels.

For many years, I struggled with the consequences of a poor lifestyle—depression and anxiety, weight issues, an addiction to nicotine—to name a few. Most paramount was my dependence and abuse of alcohol as a means to cope—a problem I managed to stay in denial about until last December 2007 when I could no longer ignore that alcohol was consuming my life. As the saying goes, I was “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Once I turned my addiction over to the Lord and became involved in a Christ-centered 12-step recovery program, He ran to greet me like a prodigal daughter and is leading me on this journey I could never have imagined or planned for myself. While spending time in the Scriptures each day, searching for God’s will and purpose for me, the Holy Spirit kept showing me that my body is His temple and I am responsible for taking the best possible care of it. It belongs to God and not to me. Soon, through a series of what I like to call “divine appointments,” I found myself in Dr. Benoit’s office not exactly sure what I was looking for other than improved health. Asking her opinion about a three-day detox I had purchased from a national healthfood chain, Dr. Benoit enthusiastically recommended I see Celeste and go through her 21-day detox. I still really had no clue what I was in for, but I was willing. Willing to do whatever it took to cleanse my body from the years of damaging habits I had subjected it to. Although by this time, I had been sober for several months, I still clung to the cigarettes and reasoned that I would be better able to quit along with a detox program. Why would I want to deliberately continue putting toxins in my body when I was working so hard to be rid of them?

I was thrilled when I realized Celeste’s program is totally founded in the truth of God’s word and that her definition of detox does not stop with the body. Toxic relationships and attitudes must be cleansed from our lives along with the toxic food and substances. What a perfect partner to my 12-step program! I have experienced so much more than I bargained for by making a lifestyle change with Celeste’s “Give Your Body a Break” program. I can honestly say I’ve never felt this good in my entire life. I have much more energy and mental clarity during the day and rest soundly and peacefully each night. A complete turnaround from just a few months ago when I would lie down at night secretly hoping I wouldn’t have to wake up in the morning. God truly used Celeste to help work a miracle in my life. Another fun side benefit is that before I got sober, I had finally resigned myself to being a size 12-14. After all, here I am in my mid-40’s, what should I expect? At the end of my detox, I had to do a serious purge in my closet and go out and buy new clothes that would stay up . . . size 6!!!

Although the smokes were harder to put down than I imagined, I appreciated Celeste’s patience (no condemnation!) and her practical and do-able tips for cutting down each week as part of my homework. They really helped and I continue to use the tools she taught me. My personal favorite to stop smoking in the car is to memorize scripture instead of lighting up. So in the mornings, I began to write down in a special small notebook the scriptures that spoke to my heart and then carry them with me in the car throughout the day. If it’s a stay-home day, I keep the notebook in the house and refer to it during the times that used to be my smoke breaks. Although I’m now smoke-free, that’s a habit I enjoy and want to keep. I’m learning more and more that if you want to break a bad habit, you need to replace it with a good one. Don’t just leave an empty space where you removed the thing that no longer serves you. That includes thoughts . . . I read somewhere that it takes four positive thoughts to counteract each negative thought! And Scripture reminds us we are to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds.”

My life verse is Romans 8:28: “And we KNOW that God works ALL THINGS for good for them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.” I am living proof of that verse as He has turned the most miserable times of my life into joy. To Him be all the praise and glory!


I finally quit smoking for good on the 17th. Praise God! Stella, my accountability partner, and I had picked July 1st to quit together, but the Lord kept pulling on my heartstrings to not wait any longer and put them down. At our recovery meeting on the 17th, I got a blue (desire) chip symbolizing I'm willing to surrender the addiction to the Lord and He has been just as faithful to help me with the cigarette withdrawal as He did the alcohol. Another big blessing!

Still doing very well with my lifestyle change you taught me . . . thank you SO much.

January 30, 2015

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Annie’s Story Life Beyond Myself

Have you ever gotten to the place of saying, “enough is enough”. You have gone down this path of an unhealthy lifestyle in eating and now you see that your health has gone down, overweight, and you look in the mirror and say, where did I go…who is this person? I know better. So you tell yourself, okay tomorrow I am going to exercise, and eat right.

No sooner than your feet hit the floor you are headed straight for the coffee pot, get busy doing other things and tell yourself I will do my walk in a little while. Well, that little while never comes.

I ran to God many times about this and he would tell me little by little what I needed to do. The enemy had me so blinded…but my heavenly Father never gave up on me.

The Answer Through A Facebook Post?

God led me to read a testimony off of facebook from a friend of mine, Barbara Bird in how she has lost 30lbs. by following a program called, “My Busy Healthy Life by Celeste Davis”. For the first time in a long time my spirit felt a peace come over me. I went into the next room and picked up one of AIM’s Health magazines, opened to a page that talked about Celeste Davis and her health program. Well, not only the peace that came over me but God’s truths started replacing the lies I was believing in living a life without having to give up unhealthy habits.

I’ve Lost 18 Pounds & 16 Inches!
annI began her program with God’s truth knowing I could not do this without him. It was hard at times but I would tell myself God knows better than I do so keep on Ann, don’t give up. I did not do it perfectly, but Celeste told us not to beat ourselves up. I have lost 18lbs and 16 inches over a period of 3 months. My cravings are so much better.

99% of My Symptoms Are Gone!

The group had to fill out a symptom tracker. Symptoms from the starting point where at 147 and now my symptoms are at 7…yes I said 7…that is over 140 points that I am symptom free. I had continual eye pain, rashes, excessive sweating and hot all the time, digestive problems, back pain and joint pain, no more restless leg syndrome, my mental clarity ihas gotten better and I have a lot more energy.

Annie's Story My next step is to get my blood work done and prayerfully with my doctors assistance to get off my medications. I recommend this amazing lady to be your mentor to help you over come life struggles you may be going through not just in your eating habits but also Physical, Spiritual and Emotional healing through her program called My Busy Healthy Life. For updates on my amazing journey and how you can start Celeste Davis, My Busy Healthy Life Program, go to my home page of my web-site.

Ann Dillon

November 30, 2014

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