Wonderfully Well

You may think you've heard this before: a sick, fat and tired person miraculously loses weight with a weird diet and finds great health...yeah, yeah.

However, you haven't heard this story yet--because Celeste discovered the secret to sustainable health much the same way Moses discovered the ten commandments.

This book reveals the journey to becoming Wonderfully Well--Are you ready?

by Celeste & Phil Davis

How We Lost 132 lbs and

Helped Our Bodies Heal

Celeste Davis is a Certified Health and Wellness Living Coach

Why Celeste's Readers

Call this Book

'The Health Bible'

"In my post cancer life--Celeste has played an integral role in helping me learn what TRUE healthy living and eating look like."

-Michelle Mykeloff

"This book has fantastic recipes!  I really love Celeste's knowledge and expertise when it comes to healthy eating.  She is truly the expert in the field."

-Sandra Jones

"It is a really simple concept of putting the right things in your body and taking the wrong things out [of your diet].  If one is truely eager to learn about becoming well...this book is an invaluable resource."

-Mary Arnold

"Good reading for those who want to change their health by changing what they eat.  I found the book an irreplaceable source for healthy and tasty recipes."

-Stann Lyman

About the Authors

In addition, they had healed the many chronic illnesses and gotten rid of their dependency on pharma products.  Desiring that others should experience this healing process, they chronicled their journey in a book, developed an easy path for people to follow, and have since traversed the virtual world teaching their secrets.

By the time they had been married 30 yrs, they had doubled their weight and had a ton of health problems such as Type II Diabetes, IBS, Prostate issues, Chronic Eczema, Joint Pain, and more.  But after just 4 months of detoxification through dietary changes, Celeste and Phil had lost a combined total of 132 lbs.

Celeste Davis

Certified Health and Living Well Coach

Corporate Wellness Corporation

Radio Show Host & Author w/Phil Davis

A Mind-Shift from the

"Management of Chronic Illness"


"We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made"

God designed your body to be Wonderfully Well.  He has provided God-Made Food and patterns for healthy living.  Find out how Celeste shed the notion that chronic illness was meant to be managed through allopathic means with this FREE DOWNLOAD--"Created to be Wonderfully Well"

Professional Endorcements

"Celeste and Phil are 'stars' in their quest for health.  The most common benefits we witness [from Celeste's clients] are significant long-term weight loss, gains in energy, and deeper sleep."

-Dr. Craig Roles, DABCI, DCBCN

Henderson, Nevada

"Celeste's ideas compliment any chiropractic care, acupuncture, osteopathic, or wellness practice.  Total body modification cannot happen unless lifestyle is changed.  The #BeNourished4Life Program has allowed my patients to feel the difference in their pain (reduction) and be able to make the necessary changes."

-Dr. Michele Benoit, D.C.

Franklin, Tennessee

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